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Windows 10 Vs Windows Core

Hey there, I had a brief correspondence with @CochranRobotics over at another thread and also just watched his new episode of his Technology Today show where @DJSures talks about the future of EZ-Robot which was great fun and also left me being exited about where he will take us during the next years!:D

One thing that crossed my mind is whether or not it is a good thing to have a full blown Windows 10 running inside of your robot...I guess we are all on the same side when it comes to building an autonomous robot, it should not rely on your laptop or desktop device being turned on! But then again I can see myself fiddling with windows and all the crap that runs in the background as it is meant to handle all those tasks a full on OS has to handle. Which involves updates, software version, driver issues and all those things we love.

I would not mind to spend some money buying a Latte Panda, and I would love to get my hands on that EZ-B V5 that @DJSures was showing in the show...but would it not also be a good idea to have an option to export your project to an Windows Core Device out from ARC? I am by no means a coder and I don't know if this is possible, but I figure there should be a way to build your project on your laptop, desktop or whatever your favorite device is when designing a robot and then once everything is working, to export the code to your board of choice. Kind of like running the ARC Mobile on your Smartphone of choice...:)

Running Windows IOT could be interesting, as your robot would not be encumbered by an OS that is oversized for it's tasks and would run straight on the code that it would need to keep the robot running...

I might be totally wrong here, but I just wanted to throw this idea to the forum to see how wrong I might have been!:D:D:D

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What if you put a computer stick on your robot, loaded with ezb software, and tried to remotely control your computer stick ezb software over wifi, would it work?

This would go a long way in creating a truly autonomous robot with the ability to service and program the robots computer over wifi.


That is the only comes down to which operating system the computer stick or board will run! It seems like it will most likely run a full windows in the end, I was suggesting it should run a downgraded windows build to run IOT software!

But in the end what you said is exactly what @DJSures will be inventing in the near future! We are lucky!:D


Do yo have a Link to that technology today interview?


Thanks, found it watching now!;)


Looking forward to watch the next Technology Today show when @CochranRobotics will talk about the Latte Panda...until then I will try to get a better overview on Windows Core so I know what I am bragging about!;)


I haven't received the Latte Panda yet, so I doubt that it will make it into the next show on Friday. Possibly the show following that on the next Friday.

I will discuss this topic though on the Technology Today show. I will discuss Windows 10 IoT Core vs Windows 10 and why the question that you asked in the first post on this thread would be difficult. I will also discuss ARM processors vs x86 and x64 processors also and UWP apps vs Classic applications. I will put things in terms that a non-programmer can appreciate.


@CochranRobotics Looking forward to see the show, this is something I have not gotten into yet...since I am a hobbyist it is very appreciated that you are doing the show with people like me in mind! Thanks! That is great help!:)