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Windows 10 Vs Windows 7 For ARC

Hi folks,

My pc has informed me it is going to do an upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 in a few days. Before allowing this to occur, I am wondering if there's any advantages/disadvantages to running windows 10 as far as ARC is concerned, or does it run equally well on both OS's?

I'd be interested in hearing peoples experiences.



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For me I like Win 10 and ARC, but I also have a PC with Win 7 running ARC too without any issues....
Win 10 is a personal preference. They changed things like there's no noticable bar across the top of Windows to know where to click to move the window.

That one is a real jerk change. I have family members who are stuck using their programs in weird places of the screen because they didn't know they can move them.

Other than that, it's mostly changes to the ui.