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Win7 Update Discontinued

does anyone knows how to upgrade update win7.looks like it is disconued ?

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Windows 7 has been discontinued for a while now... Just upgrade to Windows 10... If you don't know how to do it you can simply google on how to do it... I have done it a few times, it's very simple to do...



i want to keep win7.upgrading is not my thing.dont understand it.


Then I guess you risk using an outdated OS... BTW... Updating takes a just a few clicks of a mouse and a credit card... Or... since you have money to buy robots you could use some of it to buy a new PC?


@ Nomad, Upgrade to windows 10, in most cases you can upgrade to the home version free anyways. If you like the look and navigation of Windows 7, then go to and download their start menu overlay and it will still feel like 7.


thanks jstarne.but pc stuff is not my thing.i dont understand it.

i have some robot software i dont wanna loose.


i have a little money to by some parts ,sometimes cheap robots. but bying a good pc is not possible as this time.


You won lose your programs or user files when you update your PC to Windows 10... You can learn anything if you really wanted to...



i know you mean well,but i had canser,so my knowledge and skills are very limited. i forget what i read few sec ago.


Every program that worked in Windows 7 on my PC works in Windows 10 now that I upgraded.

10 is easy to use and EZ Robot works better in 10!


thanks dave

did you must install the drivers first for win10?


Windows 10 Upgrade This link will get you a free Windows 10 upgrade. You just let it install, you won't need to worry about drivers. This free link is only good until the end of this year!