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Robotics Trends has partnered with EZ-Robot to give away an EZ-Robot Roli Rover Robot Kit - a $400 value.

The United States needs to get more kids involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Fifteen percent of current job openings in the country are in the tech field, but only 16 percent of high school seniors are proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career.

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This is so true. I think as time moves on it will. Here in the US, there was once a time,and this was back when I was a kid and my mom was an assembler for a local electronics factory. People in the area at the time where I was growing up, hated the idea of robotics or any kind of automation, because many families then feared for the loss of jobs. These fears even resulted in down right threats against those who worked to help build any machine for fear that someone might get laid off.


this is for usa is there anything for india confused confused confused confused because i am just waiting for a chance if any one give it i would definetly utilize it tired tired tired



automatisation is a strange thing.some loose there jobs others get a job. if you think there was no automatisation some will be death before getting, there first car for excample.


its not up to ez to donate the robot,it robotics trends who gives the robot away. thru it s... ks,it schould be availeble for avery member off ez robot.


Very true Nomad. Its a shame though that at the time people like my mom and godmother who worked on these assembly lines had to get death threats from fellow workers simply because these machines might replace the jobs of those family members. At least the thinking has changed, and is more welcomed now. Heck my mom taught me how to solder and wire wrap.:D



i really hope time is now better for you and your famely. most people see only the bad things and not the good ones. mostly things will be used the wrong way to.i see alot docu, about the world and some are really scary.