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Win 7 Or Win 8

Basically I am putting a computer together for my robot. It will be a stationary animation sidekick type of thing.

What I am wondering is about which OS should I use 7 or 8? I am coming from XP and I like the look of 7. Is there a big difference of the options like voice recognition and stuff that EZ-B would use that I should pick one over the other? I am thinking of 7 PRO, or 8Pro..

Here is the kit I am looking at getting.

Computer Kit.

Any thoughts would be great.


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United Kingdom
I use both but prefer Windows 7. Windows 8 takes a lot of getting used to. The only real difference is the start screen/start button. As far as you'll realise the rest is pretty much the same.

There is no difference between the 2 as far as voice recognition etc. is concerned.

Windows 8 is better on power consumption if that's a concern although in your scenario I don't expect it will be.

Either is going to be fine, personally I would base it on cost.
Windows 8 is really windows 7 optimized for touch screen interface. But than again Windows 8 is more optimise for multiple screens. I chose to stay with windows Y, because I am running a large amount of custom hardwares, was a little bit skeptical about window 8 compatibility with custom hardwares drivers. I chose to stay with window 7 for stability, but a lot of peoples seem to be really enjoying window 8, specially after the latest release 8.1, what fix a lot of bugs.

I have windows 7 64bit and I love it.

If you gonna spend money, might as well purchase the newest product on the market ( windows 8.1), It will be a learning curve, but coming from XP, shouldn't be much of an issue.
Windows 8 is great for me. I have two systems one for development and testing (64bit). The other is a Samsung 500T tablet (32bit) and that works fine for me using it everywhere (even outdoors in the sunlight), it weight is 750 gm. It is not a powerhouse tablet (only two cpu but 4 threads) but runs ARC fine even the camera.