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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Will I Have Trouble Mixing The V3 And V4 Ezb's?

If I use these two together on one project, will I have trouble with having one wi-fi and the other Bluetooth. What would you suggest? Put the slower items on the bluetooth and the faster items on the wifi. Will it have an amplified or nonamplified audio jack to plug speakers into?




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I think that you idea is a good idea... slower items on bluetooth and faster items on wifi and I am sure that you are not going to have problems... the only problem is the distance.. wifi has more range than bluetooth
:) and I have read that the new EZB has an amplified audio jack .. (I am not sure but somewhere is a video with that! search..)

But are you really going to use 44 ports? 20 of v3 and 24 of v4? tell us about your project:D ?
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You shouldn't have any problems mixing a V3 with a V4.

Determine which is faster and more capable by running the benchmark and then decide what items to put on which board.

The info for the V4 is on the shop page.
120MHz (150 DMIPS)
Small Size (2.1" x 2.2")
Amplified audio with Speaker for Speech and Music
8 x Analog ports
24 x Digital ports (servos, PWM, and more)
3 x i2c Port
1 x Camera Port
1 x UART Port
Wifi connectivity
Resettable fuse protection
Reverse polarity protection
@Mel , it's a low amplified low level output. You will want your own amp for larger speakers. A small speaker will be fine. Also you can mix boards. The advantage of WiFi means greater distance and higher reliability of the connection at a distance. You connect your old board just the same in ARC there is just a drop-down for the ezb v4 for board type.
That all sound really good. Except for the wait.

@ Rich do you know how many watts it is amplified to or at what ohm? 8 or 16 ohm?
It's a 0.3 watt amplifier:)