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That is sweet! You'd need some pretty serious control loops to accomplish that.
Yeah, I definately won't try it even though it impresses me the most.
Do the links work for you? They don't seem to work for me.
Nah, they didn't work for me either. That's a good picture though.
You're welcome.
Hey I added the links a different way this time. Try it.
United Kingdom
Links work
When I read the title I thought of a bot that is ball shaped and rolls around.:P
Once again Troy, wow. That was pretty cool. Never saw that. Wasn't someone here working on a sphere shaped robot?
Troy's been keeping up on his modern bots. I've been trying to come up with something unique to work on. I was thinking about something like that as something unique, kind of like a hamster in a ball. I still don't know how you mechanically propel and steer something like that without the hamster :). Guess it's not such a unique idea after all though. Wish there was something that could conquer stairs too. Have you seen anything like that? Any ideas out there?
Holy balancing act! I would certainly keep it tethered until all the bugs are worked out!:) It certainly looks unnerving but cool! Thanks for sharing Troy!
I'm with irobot58. I'd be super afraid that it would fall. I get nervous just looking at that thing.
Yeah me too. I thought there may be a lurking robotics engineer who might want to try it.