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Wiimote Question


I ordered a WiiMote Motion Plus and found out after the fact that it is incompatible with ARC. This is stated in the tutorial. Is there a work-around?

From what I see on Amazon all of the WiiMotes are Motion Plus except for a couple of used ones.



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:) if there was a work around, it would be stated in the tutorial. Ask Dennis where he gets his. I believe Amazon or eBay.


OK - I got the right model WiiMote and it works. Last question - when the WiiMote is not in motion (just sitting on my desk) JD's arm twitches. Also when I use the WiiMote, the motions are not fluid/smooth.

The green dot in the control window is moving/vibrating slightly even when the WiiMote is completely still. Is there a setting I can make to eliminate the twitching & have more fluid movements? I see a Sensitivity pop down menu in the lower left hand corner of the settings window but it's greyed out and the question mark icon isn't working.

I thought there might be an issue with the WiiMote driver and see there is an option to update it but I'm afraid of doing this as it might cause other issues.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



One of the buttons stops the motion. I believe it is the home button. When your not using it, hit the home button and it will stop the shaking.


Yes, pushing the home button stops the motion/twitches but the problem with erratic movements/twitches when using the WiiMote is the main issue.


If you turn the servo speed slower (ez-script) then the servos will respond slower and possibly drown out the irrational movements?


Hmmmm. Well I didn't have to go that far. Seems that the problem solved itself. I restarted the computer (for other reasons) and then it worked perfectly well without any speed changes to the servos.

But out of curiosity, how would this be done? I located the servospeed command and assume that it would go on the start/end tracking lines. What would this look like? I'm a newbie with this....thanks.


This is a global variable, so by running a script to servospeed set the servos, you set the speed for everything. Then use the wiimote. So you need to make a completely separate EZ-Script to run.


Here's an example, Tom. Either make a new script, or edit the script in the connection control. The connection control script is accessible by pressing the gear icon on the connection control. There is a script that will run when a connection is established to the ezb. In there, you can add the servo speed declarations for the servos to adjust their speed.

The code, for example would be...

ServoSpeed(d0, 3)
ServoSpeed(d1, 3)

Now, replace the servo ports in my example with the ones that you will use.