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Wifi Limited

I have a Lenovo laptop and ever since I started using the WIFI with EZ-V4 I can connect but it is very slow, like graphs update at 1 second intervals and there is a ton of pauses. I then noticed that under the signal strength list for the WiFis the one for EZ-V4 board it says "LIMITED". I googled it and I see where people say that it is a bug in Windows 8.1. I called Best Buy and they said that it is not the computer that it has to be the board, because they never have seen it be the computer it is always what it is connecting to that cause the "Limited" indication. Does anyone know what this is?


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Limited just means you are connected to the ezb in AP mode and therefore you will not have internet... As Alan mentioned put it in client mode so you get back your internet access...


Limited just means that there is no Internet Access, which is expected when using AP mode on the EZB.

I would suggest however connecting to your EZ-B and putting it in client mode connected to your router. Having internet access while using ARC has a lot of advantages and may resolve the performance issues you are seeing as well.



Thanks guys. I will mark this "Limited" issue, resolved and keep digging into why I have slow performance.


The slow performance connecting I believe is because the pc really wants to know what it is, what it offers, and whether it has Internet or not. So, it takes some time to make sure of these. That's my conclusion.


Techno is probably correct. I had terribly inconsistent network and system performance on two computers running Windows 8.1. (both with EZ-B and just Internet / home network). Upgrading to Windows 10 significantly improved both machines. Free upgrade from 8.1 so no reason not to do it unless you have incompatible hardware (I have one machine that needs a new video card before I can upgrade).



If you are running a lot of analog or digital reads and/or "flooding" the wifi channel in any other way you are going to see serious performance degradation....


I am using one analog graph and one analog digital display and the graph that is set for 100 ms updates slows to about once per second or so. It is random as if there is a flooding occurring, or something is making this run very slow. I did the benchmark test and it can only read an analog port at a rate of 5 times per second. I have changed EZ-v4 boards and each board does the same thing.