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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!

Wifi Connection Problems

No matter what I do I can not connect the EZ-robot EZ-B v4 to wifi. I refuse to go Pro Sub. when I am only using one laptop.  Would I have to redownload ARC again?

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Hello @indywriter

Have you checked out this troubleshooting page?

Common issues are:

- Anti-virus blocking - disable anti-virus software (Windows defender is fine - don't mess with it, but Norton is known to cause issues)
- Trying to connect with client mode when direct AP mode is sufficient
- Router IP address conflict (same IP address as router) when ethernet is attached - try removing

If you have a USB wifi dongle you could try connecting on WiFi 2
hi indywriter/jeremie

also delete your browser history and reboot pc .if you had many try's .
Thank you all for your help. My Wi-Fi problem has been resolved.