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Wifi Range Comparison V4 ,V4 New Comm And Tiny

Hey guys , I have the original V4 and IOtiny. I want to know if anyone sees longer range on any particular unit. To have a robot in the yard I would like to get the best signal. I was going to ask the question since it is raining every day this week so I can't play around with range physically.



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That's impossible to answer because your wifi access point has a range value as well. Also the humidity and interference of other devices matter.


Aren't they pretty much the same thing?

Products, The IoTiny is a tiny EZ-B v4. The IoTiny operates the same as an EZ-B v4, which means the tutorials, software and examples apply to both products.?

So apart from being much smaller than the EZB4, they are pretty much the same.

I wouldn't let the size fool you




No they are not the same thing, different wifi radios.

@jstarne1 Like DJ said, too many variables, is not a easy task unless you take both to a isolated lab.

Relevant wifi specs: EZB4 v1: Transmit power: +16 dBm Receiver sensitivity: -97 dBm

EZB4 v2/Iotiny Transmit power:16.5dBm@11b, 14.5dBm@11g 13.5dBm@11n Receiver Sensitivity: -87 dBm

looking only to the numbers, EZB4 v2/Iotiny -87 has a better performance.


Ok cool so Iotiny seems to have a potential edge.