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Wifi Help

can anyone help me get ez hooked up to wifi? i got Uart-Wif but can not get it to work. I can't put a computer on robot to much weight.

is there another wifi that will work with ez? *mad*


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That would probably work fine, but I think the WiSnap would be smaller and require less power. I think I'm gonna get one and try it. I still have lots of serial devices like TNC's, so it's not like I couldn't find other uses for it. :D
i wounder i DJ has WiFi working
The WiSnap got me to thinking (unusual I know), so I've bought a second TLG starter kit. I plan to configure both on an adhoc network, and then use one (without the USB serial adapter) on the EZB, and the second one (with the USB serial adapter) as the com port on the host computer. I think this may just work.

I should be able to easily test the setup by using both modules (with the USB serial adapters connected) and running 2 terminal programs. Properly connected, typing in one term should result in identical output in the other.

After that, start ARC, run my sketch, and I should be able to see the serial commands it's sending in the other terminal window when I manipulate the controls.

Anybody see a reason my cunning plan won't work?
My second TLG starter kit arrived today. Once I can get the damned antenna connected I'll get them both configured to create an adhoc network named botnet, assign IP's in the same subnet, and set baud rate to 9600 8N1. Connect them both to USB ports, run 2 terminal programs, and I'm hoping that typing in one terminal will result in proper output in the other and vice-versa.
good luck i hope it workes
Its very easy use and free,and not a trial version
So... has someone succesfully connected his EZB through wifi ?
DJ, You should do something about that, seriously. This module just can't get redirected to allow ARC to control the EZB through Wi-fi. I bought it following your advice on your website... *mad*
United Kingdom
Are you saying it can't work? As that is incorrect. There are some who have been successful.

Both myself and Alan (thetechguru or something like that, I know him as Alan now sorry) have bought one and plan to provide some kind of tutorials for them. Mine has yet to arrive but if it turns up in the next week or so I will be covering it with full and easy to follow details.

Pitcom has connected but finds it slow. This is most probably due to being set up or installed incorrectly. This is half the reason I purchased mine so that I can hopefully solve his issues along with anyone else's (plus my robot doesn't quite make it around my kitchen without disconnecting).
Yep, I just found out in the community that some guys did connect it... I won't tell you what made me say that... it's too damn stupid... However, while trying different configs I changed the TCP port in the Http interface (in the Auto Mode section) and now I have the wifi board flashing like it is connected but it is not (I checked from the router directly) and can't access it anymore, neither from http nor from USB/COM... Do you know anyway to hard reset it ?
My apologies to DJ... I only got very frustrated now that I lost access to it...
Pfff... I'm too damn idiot... I just needed to exit transparent transmission mode...
United Kingdom
Stop, take a breath, make a coffee, read the manual and give it another go:) That usually helps me out when something frustrates me.
Can you refresh the router page that shows all ports in your network ? Then maybe the WiFi board will be identified when you re-power it.
What manual are you talking about ? All I found right now are tutos Arduino and I took all I can from them. The challenge now it to connect ARC to a virtual port forwarding data to the UART wifi IP address.
I got it to connect with router that has password on it but super slow.I tried new router with nothing on it and no password no luck.Reconfigured wifi back to router with password but would not connect,maby i put wrong password in. Tried to redo but would not let me in so took it out of auto mode with arduino and it said OK,but would not let me in(to reconfig card).

So i tried factory reset through arduino and no luck,have done factory reset with arduino before but would not let me now. *confused*

so time to give up for a little while and clear my head *blush*