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Wifi Disconnecting

Hi All.

I'm starting to get to know my new V4 and have gotten small servos to move ok. However, when I plugged in my big Turnigy S8166M, my V4 wifi randomly disconnects from my network several seconds after I start activating the servo (just a minor test with the vertical servo movement control). Like the smaller Futaba servos I'm running (I tried just one at a time), this servo uses 6V to run.

I've plugged in four 1.5v (6v) batteries to power the EZ B. Could it be that this big servo is drawing too much power and causing the EZ B to brown out? Should I plug in a higher voltage power supply (eg. 9V or even 12v)? I read somewhere that it's not good to run the servos at higher voltages. Or should I simply power the big servo separately from the EZ B?




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It would be best to power your servos independently with their own power source. It's also very possible that the AA cells you're using to power the EZB(4) cannot supply the necessary current needed to operate the servos.


If your batteries you are using are basic alkaline 1.5v then yes, you have a power problem... Alkalines cannot supply enough current... You need a lipo, li-Ion, NiMh or NiCad battery pack....

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More voltage wont help (if anything it may break the servo). As stated above, you need more current and AA batteries cannot provide it. You will, as Richard stated need LiPo, LiIon, NiMh or NiCad batteries, something which can output more current than the inrush current of the large servo.