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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Why Does A Windows Volume Slider Pop Up On ARC?

Does anyone know why I have a Windows Volume Slider pop up on top of ARC? It will pop up in the upper left corner by the menu. It happens when I change to a different virtual desktop or open a script control to edit it. After a few seconds it fades away then pops up again when I click on something else as described.  Am I missing a setting somewhere?
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#1   — Edited
It's not ARC, I tried everything you have...

your volume control is being activated somehow, on keyboard on top left, third key over,  your speaker volume up or down looks like


Hide Windows 10 Volume Popup via Settings

Press Windows key and I key together to open Settings.
In the popup window, choose Ease of Access to continue.
Then, in the default Display tab, scroll down the right area to find Show notifications for.
You can adjust Show notifications for settings and control how long it is and other notifications appear on your screen from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. ..
#2   — Edited
No, Sorry EzAng. Tried all that. Only difference I noticed was when I changed the notifications timing. The slider stayed up longer. I picked 1 minute but it stayed active only 20 sec instead of the 5 sec it was at to start with.

I don't notice this happen on other programs I use like Chrome.
#3   — Edited
That’s part of Windows. It appears when you change the volume. It isn’t part of Synthiam arc
I do understand that but I am not changing the volume. Just clicking into different screens.
Guessing some Windows driver is faulty. If it just started happening, im sure Microsoft will eventually fix it
I did a little testing. The volume slider does not pop at all when I first load and start working working with my project. It does however start appearing sometime later. I need to pay more attention on when this starts doing this.