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Why Is There A Limit Again On Recent Discussions In The Community Forum

Why is there a limit again on recent discussions listed in the community forum again? If I'm away for a few days the posts just scroll past the end and they seem lost forever. Am I missing something?


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Dave, you are right I also do not get the new forum layout, we seem to lose so many important posts so quickly, you have to just try and remember interesting stuff and then use the search engine. It was much better originally where you got at least the last 5 days or so of posts, the new way seems to lose interesting stuff in a day or so. INHO its a backward step and it is starting to make me lose interest in this great forum which is a real pity,


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Just do a blank search. It'll show all topics ever created in order of last updated. Use the tags and limit the results to just ARC or just tutorials etc.


Yeah it would be nice to list them backwards in chrological order from the last post like it was. It is harder to negotiate getting back to a previous specific thread unless someone finds it and posts it , then brings it back up to the top agian.


It just makes it easier to "forget" about a post because you need to remember there was something interesting or important in the thread and then go hunt it down.


Thanks for the blank search tip Rich. I'll be doing that. However I truly wish I didn't have to jump through that hoop. I don't know why the Web Mistress (no offence intended) would need to limit the posts available to view at any one time. Perhaps it's a bandwidth issue? confused


Hey guys,

I didn't realize this was bugging people! We figured that with the ability to see ALL posts through the search button, people would use that if they wanted to see more than just the last few updated posts. It does also work in chronological order, by the way. So if you just do a blank search without tags, you can page back that way.

Thanks for the feedback guys. :)


Simply press the Search Button

You will be presented with every post in chronological order.

The home page of the Community section will not contain pagination or drop down to adjust the number of items because it will affect the layout of the page. The Search Button is your friend:)


Eventually I would really like to see the ability to jump to the first unread post in each thread, fillow/subscribe to specific threads, and jave a "catch up" type function that indicates I have read everything up to that time. These are common features in the big 3 forum players, vBulliten, PHPboard, and Vibe, and I use then regularly in the forums I participate in (although don't take any other hints from Vibe - - of the three, it is the worst).

While making suggestions, I would also love to see private messaging. (with enough control so if you don't want private messages you can block them, or just block from individuals if you get irritating messages). Again, common in the big three, and something I use often.



@Dave. , the Web Mistress.... awesome hacker/cracker nickname. I know what her costume theme will be at the halloween office party this year.:D

Also no offense Chrissi:)


I'm also more used to the "traditional" forum style. I like browsing the sections that are related to the topic I'm trying to get mu head around. An evening of browsing through posts often leaves me with lots of new insights and info that I comes of use later on. It would be a real improvement (at least to me), if it were possible to be able to choose a classic forum style.


@micropuller, you can always click the tag on the forum main page to browse by tag:)