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Who'S Feeling Adventurous?

Hello guys,

EZ-B is a very powerful softwares, without it I would had never gotten started with robotics. Now that I have learn the basic of robotics building,, I would like to push the envelopes a little bit further by moving on to the EZ-B SDK, Most likely I will use C++ or Matlab, but most likely C++. I already downloaded and visual Studio and Matlab.

I want to know who is willing to advance with me with the SDK and have some fun. DJ already have a lots on his plate. I think it will be nice if the community start accessing the SDK.

And also myself, along with @rich and @robotmaker have been debating on a way to create a more advance virtual assistant software using free tools to fabricate a more advanced Jarvis that does not look to jeezy.

Feel free to throw out ideas on ways to create Jarvis like system and advancements with the SK


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I honestly don't think we need to use the SDK. I believe ARC has pretty much everything in it that it needs, or EZ-Script can handle anything that's not currently in it, with a few exceptions. But even with the exceptions, if we ask for it generally DJ adds it to ARC.

I looked in to the SDK and C# a few months back and I could not justify re-writing what we already have. Although I am open to suggestion and just looking for that reason which justifies learning C# and going to the effort of pretty much re-writing ARC.

Third party software can be integrated in a few different ways, the easiest and best is probably via TELNET. I believe @Toymaker uses this method with his external modules and applications.


That is great idea. I wish I could help in the programming part but I'm not at that level yet.

My idea of Jarvis is a lot like @rich has with his home automation and putting together a robot to also interact through. Like a physical face (bot) to Jarvis. That is what I am heading towards for myself is when you ask or say a command it just doesn't respond with the voice over the speakers but insted with a bot moving its arms tilting its head. Almost like giving it a personality.

Right now I am building a small bot out of a robosapian and a roomba to be "Jarvis's" side kick type of thing, cause after looking at the whole project that @rich has built into his house I am not sure on how to tie the two together and be able to respond as one unit. I won't say the type of software that @rich is using out of respect for DJ. I am figuring once I get better at ARC I might be able to figure out a way to control other stuff like x10 and so on.

So really all I guess I can do is maybe come up with an idea or two and be here for moron support:D


KKEAST has a nice jarvis design using eventghost and python and EZB HERE is his video on how its done

THat and a good VR is mostly what you need for a good jarvis design using EZB


Honestly theres no reason to use the SDK, ARC does provide everything that we need. I just want to learn software programming while Having fun. Thanks to EZ-b it allow me to applied what I been learning in school about hardwares and circuits designs. I am not suggesting Rewriting it, just saying that I want to learn coding using the SDK provide. I want to create my own version of robotic artificial intelligence using the SDK.

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That's the same method I mentioned and am (slowly) bringing in, telnet used to send EZ-Script commands from EventGhost, this can include variables from ARC to EventGhost or EventGhost to ARC.

@PJ, hats off to you for continuing with the SDK. I knocked it on the head when it felt like I was reinventing the wheel and couldn't find the inspiration to learn c#. Maybe one day (it's still something on my todo list).


That is a great video. wish there was sound to it but I get it. That is the lead that I need to get started. Thanks @robotmaker.

@PJ I like your idea to creat your own AI. Have you thought about "what" you want it to do in the end, i.e. home intergration, remote tela present, security, entertainment? Are you planning to start small and say use it in a room and fine tune it there then expand into the whole house and more robots? Or go big right from the start?

@rich you can do that with eventghost and ARC. Great. I'll have to pick your brain about it when I get right into it.

Just off topic for a second and I won't keep it long. Sorry @PJ.

@Rich, that software you are using for your house now you know you can train it to your sayings and also download different voices for it, can you do that with windows 7 pro also so I could do it here with ARC?

Thats it back to our regularly scheduled topic.


no such thing as off topic, we are brainstorming?

what is the perfect A.I?

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@pj, the perfect AI couldn't exist. It's like saying what's a perfect human.

@rural, yes to everything basically. I plan to document it at some point, I started a showcase on it but it's more focused on the robot build part at the moment. Once I have ironed out all of the bugs I'll do a little write up on the ARC, EventGhost, Vox Commando integration.


ALSO on mine i added rainmeter software and iron man javis themes

I am also looking for the perfect AI so far only found one in another club using lispworks but so far no interface to EZB yet


No such thing as a perfect A.I, hypothetically speaking. To me Iron Man Jarvis and Eureka Sarah are my definition of the perfect A.I


Also about to play around with EventGhost right now, never use it.

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One tip with EG. Don't get too overwhelmed by the lack of documentation and many options. It may take some playing with to figure it all out, but once you have that eureka moment it's all good


I got a small amount of time myself, GF out, moving almost done, no work. I am working on a small plug A.I with Visual studio to showcase what I am trying to say. See you guys in about 2 hours or so.


VOX COMMANDO is the software i am using it very good VR software but does cost a little. There is a free trial version of it.

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VC is no better than Windows Voice Recognition other than it's ability to use xml based files for payloads - something only really necessary if using with XBMC. EG can do it all other than that and ARC could be used to trigger all commands and actions. In short, unless you are using XBMC there is no need for VC.


here is what I had in mind, little rough but it is a start. I am using a bluetooth mic, dragon naturallyspeaking 12 and Visual Studio it did open google chrome and close it, but I am running quad monitor, so it open it to the second monitor, was only recording screen one.

will post another with Audio


alright here is a little modification, english my 3rd language so pardon my strong accent

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At least you have something to record. My main problem with showing off JARVIS and recording the events is I have nothing to point the camera at really. No physical presence. Hence the reason for building a body for him. Although even then I will need to have cameras recording constantly in all rooms for a whole week to pick up everything he does by himself.

One of the features I am very pleased with is this one though...

Eventually JARVIS will answer the phone for me if his robot body doesn't bring the handset to me and I answer quickly enough... Bringing the handset to me will be done through ARC using face detection and face recognition to find me. Unless of course the number is in the blacklist, where Jarvis will answer it and get rid of them for me:)


Just check out your youtube channel, pretty cool we both have the same idea just different approach.

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Yeah, well my Jarvis was started before I knew about EZ-Robots, probably even before EZ-Robots existed. It's a huge task to change it all over, or at least bring in ARC but it'll get there.

Which brings me nicely on to the question from earlier about starting with one room and expanding or starting big. My opinion is to start as big as it will be. Adding on is a tedious task, as is bringing it all into ARC but it'll all get there in the end. I'm hoping to have a lot more time to spend on it soon.


RICH you said you made JARVIS before ezb came out yet the videos you made on youtube are made fairly soon. LIKE IN A MONTH OR 2

GUESS it better to just to test other software and other people ideas,to see if it suits your needs and cost and ease of setting it up.


ALSO you said you are using PHP witch you said its MESSY and hard to use has its mostly a software for server side web deployment is most guys it will be very hard

ON KKEAST idea he uses python that eventghost uses and its very easy to use,even me not much in to programing not finding it too hard to use.


@PJ I believe the perfect AI is called humanity.;) I too admire your desire to learn more. I'm not familiar with C++. I've looked at it a few times but it has never been a necessity in anything I've done in the past.

@Rich, But I'm pretty familiar with C# and if there was a "we're only going to ever use one language from here on out" scenario, C# would easily get my vote. It's almost as powerful as the other C languages but has the comfort of object oriented programming. It's syntax is very similar to Java and PHP and most of the other languages I've used.

We're using VB for a project at school and it's horrible syntax practices drive me crazy. I hate the poor programming standards that it encourages people to accept. I'm lucky enough to have experience with other languages but for some of my class this is the first programming they've done. I pity them for when they get into a situation that uses something with a few more "rules". At least VB is case sensitive. I'll give it that.

I'm also a little bias because C# the language I've used the most. I also have my BC Rich Warlock tuned to drop C# for a good metal sound that doesn't require extra heavy gauge strings. I use D'Dario 10's on that guy and it's been rocking solid since 1993. Fun Fact: Heavy metal grandfolk Slayer usually use standard tuning while the "hair metal" band Motley Crue is usually tuned down a half step. It's just funny to me because Slayer is considered a "heavier" band but the Crue uses a "heavier" tuning. But this isn't a musicians forum so I'll stop here. Sorry.

But, I found C# pretty easy to pick up. Excluding SQL, I went from HTML to PHP to C# very easily. @Rich, maybe you'll find a spare moment or two in the next few centuries to dig into C# a little bit more. I think once you've gotten a handle on it you'll like it as much as I do. It is an amazingly powerful language for web development at least. (I've mostly web dev experience, not too much with desk top apps.)

Lastly I have to agree with the others. ARC really has everything I need and then some so although I'd like to mess with the SDK I've yet to come across the need to justify the extra work.


I think that way of lot of programmers here dont want to get into SDK because of the extra work and their project never get done


I only say C++ because I know it from the back of my hand. I heard a lot of positive thing about c#, will start learning it in a few days.


I software and books on both C PROGRAMMING ,just no time to learn it and only know a few,lispworks,python,basic stamp ,scripting and arduino.


My objective was to use the SDK to create a friendly A.I, capable of conversation type situations. I have search the net up and down, was unable to find something similar to Jarvis that fit my personal needs. I am not talking down anyone methods. As long as it work for you than that's all that matter.


ALSO looking at rainmeter software more today about adding skins to your desktop like JARVIS, it fairly easy to make your own skin or edit others skins.

Very cool software and all the tools are in the software


Another item very cool for the computer is the MYO bracelet that controls everything in you computer by using EGG muscles in you hand,not out till the end of the year ,but there is a pre-order of it


Another one i am getting in july that about the same is the LEAP MOTION,I DID PRE-ORDER it and shipping is in july

This one you place near the desktop computer and move you hand over to control actions in windows


Leap motion pre-order, have some very exciting plan for it also. I think the SDK will be open source, sort of like a kinect for Pc


Also MYO is a lot better and faster,one main reason it detects nerve signals before hand movements Where LEAP MOTION detects only hand movements.

I a lot of how medical measuring devices work from college ,like EEG ,EKG and EMG ,Plus ULTRASOUND that use ultra high frequency sonar

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@Robotmaker, some videos are recent some are 6 months old, others 9 months old. It's been a long project constantly being updated and upgraded. It started on a single Windows PC around 2 to 2.5 years ago, it has since grown and spans over 3 PC currently. A lot of what it does and can do is not yet documented. New functions are being added all the time. It's mainly the new functions which I have started to document and post on YouTube (starting with lighting control 9 months ago), before I never had any intention of sharing any details about it so there is a lack of information from the first year or two.

Prior to the youtube videos it was mainly a voice operated, dynamic reminder system with automated PVR functions and voice controlled media navigation with the ability to play on demand from a payload of artist names, song titles, album names, genres, playlists, tv show titles, tv show seasons and movies. I cannot go into the PVR side of things on any video or documentation for legal reasons.

Advice removed to save any kind of blame game/argument despite it's good nature.

I have moved away from the PHP method in ARC as I have mentioned many times. I am using telnet to communicate with ARC now and slowly moving everything across, although there is an issue with variables currently but that's bound to be user error on my part. PHP is still there as it is used for the web based control (the reason it was first implemented) but all integration between ARC and EventGhost is done via telnet and the server option, much like kkeast's method (almost exactly like kkeast's method).

Once it's all satisfactory I will be able to provide a clear and accurate, fully explained tutorial on it. At this stage I am unable to due to the error mentioned above. If only for controlling, say to trigger a script when the TV turns on I could provide a short example however that's not really going to be of much use to many, I prefer to spend time writing these things when they can be easily adapted for any and all applications.

Hopefully that has cleared some stuff up for you.

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@antron007 I am pretty confident that with a few hours of "playing around" I would be able to use C# without many problems. I pick things up quickly (I picked up almost everything EZ-B related in a couple of months, I've only been on here for 8 months). I just need something worthwhile to do in C# and that'll be it.

If it's as simple as HTML and PHP then making the move will be much easier too since I am fluent in HTML and "getting there" with PHP. I will have to set some time aside to play with it at some point but that's easier said than done.


FIRST is WHA concern of you ,second i didnt mention the name you did to try to get me in to trouble like in most of the post you did, I posted a link to AI ,please stop it RICH all i ask of you.


AND i see on your videos only a few like them on jarvis ,but on others over 30,000 views and you said you made your design over 2 to 2 1/2 years ago


@rich is it possible to program EZ-B to do an Internet search, like robot search Google for EZ-B, and have it pop up on the screen? Or would that external type of thing.

I guess in the large scope of this project is to automate my little shop. Like "robot turn on grinder, or lights, or soldering iron." while i am working on something i can ask it to look up something on the net, besides rss feeds. Plus security type of thing, also with an animated character to go along with it.

I don't know if this makes any sense what i am trying to explain.

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@robotmaker, I have clearly explained the lack of videos and the dates on videos. I have given a brief background of the project. What more do you want?

I find your last post disrespectful and your attitude towards me on the forums unacceptable and disruptive. I cannot continue to engage in discussions with you if you continue to post in that way. Until you adjust your attitude towards me and adapt your behaviour when in discussions with me I am unable to continue to acknowledge your questions. This is not to punish you but to improve the forums. If you find this a problem or disagree with my decision to do this you are free to email me about it. Such discussions should not be on the forum.

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@Rural, I have web search from dictation set up via external applications. It may be possible through ARC however it is only Pandora Bot which supports dictation so you would need to do it through that. That side of my set up doesn't currently interact with ARC and I have no plans to have it integrate with ARC other than EG passing the search term to ARC via telnet so it can be displayed on the LCD display.

Dictation is difficult to set up. A very good mic and very good training is a must. Results may be very disappointing without.


Yeah I didn't think of that and with the noise of tools and tractors it would be hard for the computer to hear me for a dictation. But at least i can tie EG to ARC and work together.



@RICH AND UNTIL you adjust you behavior i will engage any question to you or respond to you. please behave like good person and do not look to say things to get other in trouble. you dont see anyone else doing it

SECOND PLEASE stay on topic,and do not talk about things that has nothing to do with AI SOFTWARE

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PJ Here is an old video of our Ai (ARIEL), its from late 2008, its been a private video up until now, but I decided to release to all on the forum as ARIEL has been developed a lot further now and this video shows only the old technology, but you may still find it interesting.

In 2008 it used DNS10 (Dragon 10) for speech recognition.

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@Rural, an option is to use a headset mic or clip on mic. I use a bluetooth handsfree headset which works very well at only picking up my voice and ignoring loud music etc. It also has a speaker built in which is great to echo the voice feedback that I may need to hear i.e. "There is someone at the front door" or "Warning, intruder in living room".

I still get the odd misheard commands but accuracy is a lot better. Dragon NS was even better but I found it too clunky still so reverted back to VC and windows VR.


@TOYMAKER it looks good ,but from youtube it says 2008 it was i guess sold to mattel ,did they buy it.


@toymaker i really enjoy your videos ,one on the voice activated DALEK looks just a friend of mine who made one in a AI club i am in. Was it built from scratch and does it have AI software

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@robotmaker I hacked a toy Dalek and added a Sensory (RSC4128) speech recognition chipset it took 2 weeks to make, it was made as a toy concept, but I never managed to sell it.


@PJ another item i noticed on AI software ,to get a really good software since there are a few You need to spend big bucks or get a AI software that fair thats open source.



@Toymaker yes this is exactly what I have in mind, can easily be interface in EZ-B using the LED sound features to give it that physical realistic presence.

@robotmaker Spending money on big A.I softwares that's not exactly what I am looking for. As you can see in the video I posted in my previous post, I am capable of making my own from scratch to suit my needs. My conflicts with commercial A.I is that they are engineer for the general public use. I am seeking for something more specific. Basically I want SIRI ( apple) or speaktoit ( android) android like feature on my robot using EZ-B and the SDK provided.

The video of the A.I that Toymaker posted is exactly What I am striving to accomplish with EZ-B. I plan on putting together a 5 feet tall robot with built in PC to run ARC , along with a 7 inch display.

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Isn't making your own AI the whole idea here?

As you have rightly said PJ, any commercial AI will be very generic and not specific. The opposite to what we hope to achieve. As I have said to quite a lot of people who have asked me if I can give a tutorial on how I've built Jarvis, it's pointless, he is purpose built for my home and my requirements.

Ideas and suggestions may be generic but application will always be bespoke.


Thats the design i am making a 5 foot with a display,plus looking at ways to add emotion to facial on my head.

I know i dont having spending big bucks on a good AI,BUT TO ADAPT them to our design its kinda hard.

PJ did you check the AI link i posted,someone in this forum made it to work with EZB

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Now that makes more sense PJ. I did wonder when you put that it is what you are looking at.

As I said, looking at commercial AI and even open source AI is useful to get ideas and inspiration. I know a lot of the personality I will be adding to Melvin is coming partly from AI of NPCs in video games.

Borrowing ideas and adapting them is probably the key to this. After all, we are all borrowing the idea of Jarvis from IronMan at the end of the day.

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@Rural, to answer an earlier question. Searching google...

The action is done in Vox Commando. The payload (in this case "charlie sheen") is also broadcast to EventGhost for logging and historic reference. EventGhost passes it to ARC as a variable ($searchterm). ARC can then display this on any LCD or dialogue. It could even react to specific search terms, dance if the search term contained music or if you use the idea I am putting into action on Melvin with mood, different terms could increase or decrease happiness levels etc.

The same action could be done in ARC but the results could be disappointing as mentioned earlier.

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Rich ARIEL adapts (by itself) to the primary user over time, so it starts to learn what the primary user likes, ARIEL has even alerted me to science fiction films long before they are released as she watches certain RSS feeds for me as she knows I like science fiction. When a user is first introduced to ARIEL, she asks a number of basic question about the user, from there the user profile is updated as she learns more about what the user likes (ie music tastes etc).

So from starting generic, ARIEL becomes bespoke to any user that she interacts with, the same will be the case with the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots when the plug-in is completed.

This is exactly how Dragon works it improves the users phonetic profile over time and this means it just gets better at speech recognition accuracy with that particular user, without further training.


Ding ding ding ding @Toymaker, right on the money. There will never be the perfect the A.I. , but having one that adapt to the user and slowly adjust itself overtime is exactly what I am seeking for. from a developers point of view,programming the perfect A.I, will be the ultimate programmers nightmare. Imagine how many line of codes that will be needed to do a simple task like pick up mail from doorstep, find human and handed over. Netflix find movies, tv shows base on the user watchlist history. Google search use the user data to predict upcoming search.

Now imagine having a similar algorithm to make the robot adjust to it's entourage to have a simple friendly conversation with it's owner.

Yes yes I know self aware robot is dangerous, Sky net blah blah blah. But with the EZ-B platform I plan on making a personal assistant that have a more child like behavious with little human control as possible.

Simple task, I will say them on a very low end level as if I was speaking to robot.

If battery low, find the nearest charger and charge yourself While driving if losing grip on rear motors, send more powers to front motors. if item place in hand and trigger sensor, shake head side to side and say thank you. if doorbell ring, show live feed of doorbell camera to human. IF house temperature greater than 80, lower AC to 60 for 20 mins. On startup enable face scan for security. if not the proper face, shut down in 2 min while saying "errors"

having a visual virtual face such as Ariel or my madonna will be able to show certain expression like happy, danger sad etc ( will be pre-program).

yes most of what I just mention are capable with EZ-B script.

Simply want a more autonomous robot vs the typical machine robot.


@Toymaker, all the features that you preview on the forums are stuffs that I have been searching for a long time. I will start saving now , once they are available to the public ( hopefully mid 2014) I will be ready. IR controller, tall robot with legs but wheel underneath, Ariel, detachable arms, self learning A.I. . I appreciate your hard work and ingenuity. And without DJ dream, I wouldn't be here, sort of directed me to the right path. Currently pursuing my bachelor, but I plan on earning my PHD on Robotic artificial intelligence. I guess you guys can see why I am so curious about the perfect A.I ( yes I know not possible).

I also had mention the EZ-B SDK on my very 1st post, because once the A.I have been developed to fit your robotic needs, it can easily be integrated into ARC with the .dll file extension. at least that the way that I want to do it. Others might prefer integrating it differently.


English my 3rd language , please pardon my mediocres grammars and poor words usages.


I look at both ways finding a good AI that can be adapted to EZB ,BY designing it using SDK or buying it and adapt to EZB.

To design a good AI SOFTWARE from scratch its going to take a very long time.

BUT to buy a commercial design and using api command (sdk) wont take that long

I dont think we will be able to make a good AI SOFTWARE as good as a commercial design,one main reason the have the best programmers,LIKE TOYMAKER design,but then the price makes a big difference.

So it looks like a trade off

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PJ your grammar etc. is fine. It makes sense which is the main thing, minor mistakes along the way are overlooked, even major ones if it makes sense.


@Rich total agreement! @robotmaker... software is very important and EB solves that to a large extent.....Those who want more try scripting(Thanks Rich) and others more advanced languages. Now C# ! I wish I knew that one because thats the language , I believe, Kinect uses!


Also agree with @rich.

I also agree with @irobot58. Its really cool righting the code and watching it work. What PJ wants to do is a big project, but its no bigger to him then building your very first bot. The project looked monsterous. I would also like to learn C# or something like that too, and maybe down the road I will. But with EZ-B I can do everything I can think of to realize my robot dreams as the biggest 10 year old you'll meet:D See I look at the EZ-B and what PJ wants to do is a great way for me to go wild with out being bogged down with trying to figure out how to learn a low level language and building circuits to do stuff in the real world from the program I right. The EZ-B connects me to the real world and I just write code..

Sorry if my little rant bothers some people. I just think we should all swing for the fence in our projects even if you can buy it some what made already. I like PJ's idea and damn even going for a PHD too. Good luck bud.


Yes i said the same thing that software is important


ARC is a great platform for beginners, without it, I would had never gotten started with robotics. I am leaning toward the SDK, because I want to integrate my own definition of an A.I into my EZ-B robots projects.


SDK is for programmers it is hard C# and C++ i have both programs and books,but no time because i love building lot like all the guys here ,

And AI software design is going to take a very long time,even toymaker said it took 12 guys to make the robot he is selling and bet it took maybe a year on the software just think how long it will take to make AI software in C# OR C++ will take,plus the person programming it also building their robot design.


JARVIS is NOT a AI system its mostly a windows and device controlling system ,like X10 ,programs ,getting on the internet controlling EZB and a lot more.

BUT the two together will make a super AI CONTROLLED ROBOT.

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@toymaker said it took 12 man years, not 12 men. It has been in development for some time, this is shown by the old videos he has been sharing that were made in 2008. If they started on it in 2008 then that is 2.4 men working on it for 5 years. Just so you know what the term man years/man hours/man days etc. means.

Who is to say what Jarvis is? My version of Jarvis has elements of AI. It knows when to carry out tasks. It compensates heating levels based on external temperatures and recorded heat up times. It knows what to enable and disabled based on occupancy of my home. All of that is AI.

It knows if it needs to allow my phone to ring, it knows who is calling, it knows if it needs to pause the TV, mute or do nothing based on it knowing what I am watching, listening to, where I am, what time it is and who is calling. That is AI.

It knows what genre films I like to watch, it knows which TV shows I am watching, have watched and haven't watched. It knows which artists and genres of music I like to listen to depending on what it is I am doing. I can tell it to play a movie and it will pick one, I can tell it to put a TV show on and it will pick up from where it knows I got to in seasons and episodes. I can ask for music and it will choose artists and genres based on the activities it knows I am doing in the house. And soon it will know which TV to use and which speakers to activate. That is AI.

But let's not make it look like all I am doing is saying you are wrong. Keep in mind that this entire post is brain storming. It is ideas. It is opinions. There is no right, there is no wrong. What is your definition of AI, what is your definition of Jarvis?


WOW thats very long time might take 20 years just to make AI SOFTWARE

PJ it seems may be we cant interface the SDK software to ARC ,waiting on the expert DJ on the answer SO to get AI to work with EZB .SEEMS MAY BE IT WONT WORK


thats not AI I AM LOOKING FOR ,just to get temperature and carry out tasks ,look at KKEAST is has that and lot more and added housebot and other software to it,he has one super jarvis program and his page has all the software he uses on it.

i am looking for real AI LIKE HOW A BRAIN thinks and works

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@robotmaker, you do not understand what you are talking about. You can't use both but you can link to ARC via Telnet and therefore external software can be used. This is how Tony has done it. You only need to use the SDK if you are controlling the EZ-B from the single application that you are building.


I don't think robotmaker fully understand where we are comming. So I give up.

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It's probably due to me being involved in the discussion to be honest, when a discussion has Robotmaker and myself in it there are areas where things go a little backwards. The same happened in the autonomous docking topic.

It's best to just bypass these parts and continue on. There's only so much you can do to explain things or clarify things. I wont say more than that as I know what will happen if I do eyeroll

Keep on with the SDK etc. it's good to read your posts.


YES please keep trying PJ there might be a way to interface it ,wont know until someone someday makes it work ONLY HOPE ITS FAST and very good AI and that i think will take a very long time i think

Since the idea of using AI software came up in many posts and still nobody found a answer yet and i heard DJ TRIED TO MAKE ONE WORK AND STOP ON IT


When you build your own software package in SDK can you make it control more than 5 EZ-B boards?

@robotmaker please don't be offended at this, but is english your first language? I am just asking cause maybe that is where I sometimes get a little confused on what you are trying to say.


yes it is,but i keep saying this i havent did any writing at all in about 25 takes awhile to get use to it never ever did i do any writing so try to understand this ,most here understand what i am saying because they answer me if they didnt they would say something ,not all my grammar is .

AND my girlfriend understands me very well and some posts that i show her she understands it,most i see that dont understand me are from other countries

And rural geek i am never offended by anyone opinion

IF YOU CAN point out witch sentence or sentences that has bad grammar and how you would say it ,great it might help PLEASE DO

THat goes with everyone


I guess it is because I am a curious individual that always want to learn more and love love to tinker. One of the main reason I purchase The EZ-B was because of the SDK provided. I did not know about ARC until I purchase it and started browsing this forum. I am a very laid back individual who love to have fun. I plan on making a career out of hardware's and software's. What a better way to learn than building robots. Honestly would love to work for DJ one day, he is a great inspiration to me, I see him as a role model.

This stupid thing call real world get in the way, haven't had much time to play with EZ-B and the SDK as much as I would like to. But interfacing it is not really an issue, programming it is not an issue for me. I just wanted to have the community collaboration and create a friendly Jarvis type of A.I that everyone can benefit from, without it being too cheesy and lame.

I was able to use dragon naturally speaking 12, with a Bluetooth mic, ez-b sdk, ARC and the A.I SDK, all link together via Visual studio express 2013. I am not trying to re-invent the wheel, not trying to modify EZ-B. I simply want to have a more realistic feel to my robots virtual intelligence.

it's fun learning how to program while watching your codes come to life inside your robots.

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@Rural, I'm not sure since I never got that far with the SDK. As PJ just said, we don't want to reinvent the wheel and using the SDK, at least for my requirements would be reinventing the wheel since ARC does all it needs to do.

You may have comms issues with too many EZ-Bs on one PC. It's not recommended to have more than 5 or 6 bluetooth devices connected at once to a PC anyway, I think the actual limit is 7 devices.

But can you really see any robot requiring more than 100 digital ports? Can you imagine the load on the PC when switching, reading or writing to 100 digital ports? If your robot is that big it would need multiple PCs, multiple copies of ARC and would increase the number of boards that can be used.


@robotbuilder ok if i don't understand what you mean when you say something I'll just ask you for a little clarification.

@Rich oh yeah I forgot about the bluetooth rule of 5. Plc's have hundreds of inputs and outputs but they have a different hierarchy to solving logic. That is where i get a little messed up. I'm so used to programing them that is how think it works with a pc. Sorry about the brain farts.

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@Rural For extending the I/O ports on the EZ:1 robot the head has a single PIC microcontroller that controls all the head functions via an I2C link. The 14 I/O lines required in the head only cost 2 port lines (I2C bus) on the EZ-B controller. Whats also great about this is that the head PIC takes some of the processing load off the EZ-B so its a double win solution. More details here.


YES ,thats the idea i am using in a design it has both INPUT /OUTPUT communication,like mindwave design and neato xv-11 and neato LIDAR i am designing.