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Hello guys,

EZ-B is a very powerful softwares, without it I would had never gotten started with robotics. Now that I have learn the basic of robotics building,, I would like to push the envelopes a little bit further by moving on to the EZ-B SDK, Most likely I will use C++ or Matlab, but most likely C++. I already downloaded and visual Studio and Matlab.

I want to know who is willing to advance with me with the SDK and have some fun. DJ already have a lots on his plate. I think it will be nice if the community start accessing the SDK.

And also myself, along with @rich and @robotmaker have been debating on a way to create a more advance virtual assistant software using free tools to fabricate a more advanced Jarvis that does not look to jeezy.

Feel free to throw out ideas on ways to create Jarvis like system and advancements with the SK


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@Rich total agreement!
@robotmaker... software is very important and EB solves that to a large extent.....Those who want more try scripting(Thanks Rich) and others more advanced languages. Now C# ! I wish I knew that one because thats the language , I believe, Kinect uses!
Also agree with @rich.

I also agree with @irobot58. Its really cool righting the code and watching it work. What PJ wants to do is a big project, but its no bigger to him then building your very first bot. The project looked monsterous. I would also like to learn C# or something like that too, and maybe down the road I will. But with EZ-B I can do everything I can think of to realize my robot dreams as the biggest 10 year old you'll meet:D See I look at the EZ-B and what PJ wants to do is a great way for me to go wild with out being bogged down with trying to figure out how to learn a low level language and building circuits to do stuff in the real world from the program I right. The EZ-B connects me to the real world and I just write code..

Sorry if my little rant bothers some people. I just think we should all swing for the fence in our projects even if you can buy it some what made already. I like PJ's idea and damn even going for a PHD too. Good luck bud.
Yes i said the same thing that software is important
ARC is a great platform for beginners, without it, I would had never gotten started with robotics. I am leaning toward the SDK, because I want to integrate my own definition of an A.I into my EZ-B robots projects.
SDK is for programmers it is hard C# and C++ i have both programs and books,but no time because i love building lot like all the guys here ,

And AI software design is going to take a very long time,even toymaker said it took 12 guys to make the robot he is selling and bet it took maybe a year on the software just think how long it will take to make AI software in C# OR C++ will take,plus the person programming it also building their robot design.
JARVIS is NOT a AI system its mostly a windows and device controlling system ,like X10 ,programs ,getting on the internet controlling EZB and a lot more.

BUT the two together will make a super AI CONTROLLED ROBOT.
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@toymaker said it took 12 man years, not 12 men. It has been in development for some time, this is shown by the old videos he has been sharing that were made in 2008. If they started on it in 2008 then that is 2.4 men working on it for 5 years. Just so you know what the term man years/man hours/man days etc. means.

Who is to say what Jarvis is? My version of Jarvis has elements of AI. It knows when to carry out tasks. It compensates heating levels based on external temperatures and recorded heat up times. It knows what to enable and disabled based on occupancy of my home. All of that is AI.

It knows if it needs to allow my phone to ring, it knows who is calling, it knows if it needs to pause the TV, mute or do nothing based on it knowing what I am watching, listening to, where I am, what time it is and who is calling. That is AI.

It knows what genre films I like to watch, it knows which TV shows I am watching, have watched and haven't watched. It knows which artists and genres of music I like to listen to depending on what it is I am doing. I can tell it to play a movie and it will pick one, I can tell it to put a TV show on and it will pick up from where it knows I got to in seasons and episodes. I can ask for music and it will choose artists and genres based on the activities it knows I am doing in the house. And soon it will know which TV to use and which speakers to activate. That is AI.

But let's not make it look like all I am doing is saying you are wrong. Keep in mind that this entire post is brain storming. It is ideas. It is opinions. There is no right, there is no wrong. What is your definition of AI, what is your definition of Jarvis?
WOW thats very long time might take 20 years just to make AI SOFTWARE

PJ it seems may be we cant interface the SDK software to ARC ,waiting on the expert DJ on the answer
SO to get AI to work with EZB .SEEMS MAY BE IT WONT WORK
thats not AI I AM LOOKING FOR ,just to get temperature and carry out tasks ,look at KKEAST is has that and lot more and added housebot and other software to it,he has one super jarvis program and his page has all the software he uses on it.

i am looking for real AI LIKE HOW A BRAIN thinks and works
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@robotmaker, you do not understand what you are talking about. You can't use both but you can link to ARC via Telnet and therefore external software can be used. This is how Tony has done it. You only need to use the SDK if you are controlling the EZ-B from the single application that you are building.
I don't think robotmaker fully understand where we are comming. So I give up.
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It's probably due to me being involved in the discussion to be honest, when a discussion has Robotmaker and myself in it there are areas where things go a little backwards. The same happened in the autonomous docking topic.

It's best to just bypass these parts and continue on. There's only so much you can do to explain things or clarify things. I wont say more than that as I know what will happen if I do *eyeroll*

Keep on with the SDK etc. it's good to read your posts.
YES please keep trying PJ there might be a way to interface it ,wont know until someone someday makes it work
ONLY HOPE ITS FAST and very good AI and that i think will take a very long time i think

Since the idea of using AI software came up in many posts and still nobody found a answer yet and i heard DJ TRIED TO MAKE ONE WORK AND STOP ON IT
When you build your own software package in SDK can you make it control more than 5 EZ-B boards?

@robotmaker please don't be offended at this, but is english your first language? I am just asking cause maybe that is where I sometimes get a little confused on what you are trying to say.
yes it is,but i keep saying this i havent did any writing at all in about 25 years.it takes awhile to get use to it
never ever did i do any writing so try to understand this ,most here understand what i am saying because they answer me if they didnt they would say something ,not all my grammar is .

AND my girlfriend understands me very well and some posts that i show her she understands it,most i see that dont understand me are from other countries

And rural geek i am never offended by anyone opinion

IF YOU CAN point out witch sentence or sentences that has bad grammar and how you would say it ,great it might help

THat goes with everyone
I guess it is because I am a curious individual that always want to learn more and love love to tinker. One of the main reason I purchase The EZ-B was because of the SDK provided. I did not know about ARC until I purchase it and started browsing this forum. I am a very laid back individual who love to have fun. I plan on making a career out of hardware's and software's. What a better way to learn than building robots. Honestly would love to work for DJ one day, he is a great inspiration to me, I see him as a role model.

This stupid thing call real world get in the way, haven't had much time to play with EZ-B and the SDK as much as I would like to. But interfacing it is not really an issue, programming it is not an issue for me. I just wanted to have the community collaboration and create a friendly Jarvis type of A.I that everyone can benefit from, without it being too cheesy and lame.

I was able to use dragon naturally speaking 12, with a Bluetooth mic, ez-b sdk, ARC and the A.I SDK, all link together via Visual studio express 2013. I am not trying to re-invent the wheel, not trying to modify EZ-B. I simply want to have a more realistic feel to my robots virtual intelligence.

it's fun learning how to program while watching your codes come to life inside your robots.
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@Rural, I'm not sure since I never got that far with the SDK. As PJ just said, we don't want to reinvent the wheel and using the SDK, at least for my requirements would be reinventing the wheel since ARC does all it needs to do.

You may have comms issues with too many EZ-Bs on one PC. It's not recommended to have more than 5 or 6 bluetooth devices connected at once to a PC anyway, I think the actual limit is 7 devices.

But can you really see any robot requiring more than 100 digital ports? Can you imagine the load on the PC when switching, reading or writing to 100 digital ports? If your robot is that big it would need multiple PCs, multiple copies of ARC and would increase the number of boards that can be used.
@robotbuilder ok if i don't understand what you mean when you say something I'll just ask you for a little clarification.

@Rich oh yeah I forgot about the bluetooth rule of 5. Plc's have hundreds of inputs and outputs but they have a different hierarchy to solving logic. That is where i get a little messed up. I'm so used to programing them that is how think it works with a pc. Sorry about the brain farts.
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For extending the I/O ports on the EZ:1 robot the head has a single PIC microcontroller that controls all the head functions via an I2C link. The 14 I/O lines required in the head only cost 2 port lines (I2C bus) on the EZ-B controller. Whats also great about this is that the head PIC takes some of the processing load off the EZ-B so its a double win solution. More details here.

YES ,thats the idea i am using in a design it has both INPUT /OUTPUT communication,like mindwave design and neato xv-11 and neato LIDAR i am designing.