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Who Else Is Getting A Jd?

I have mine in order of course. Anyone planning to modify him at all? I have been thinking of maybe painting him a different color besides white and debating how well he walks adding some sort of rubber sole to the feet. I have other ideas as well but and waiting till he shows up to we what else I can do.


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I think we have scheduled for a video of JD walking this week :)

We want to film a video of each robot. I think JD is this week


@DJ Sures, that is great to hear, looking forward to watching.

:):):):) j


If you do want to make rubber grips for the feet, I can highly recommend Sugru

I have used it to put a non-slip foot on the bottom of a walking stick, and to make a new parking brake pedal for my car when the old rubber one got hard and fell off, among many other things (but those are the two non-slip uses I have used it for).



I also have a JD ordered ---- wondering what additional "factory" options will be available at launch or shortly afterward?

Certainly environmental sensors would be interesting beyond camera functions Ultrasonics, IR, and sound sensors would be a good start. Altitude, humidity, and heat sensors would be useful. FSR (force sensing resistors) would be handy to have on the grippers so that delicate objects could be sensed and not crushed. Anyone working on these sensors? I will have to get the robot to see the grippers, and where sensors could be mounted. I want to work on some AI ideas for this bot. The more environmental sensors the better...

I also agree with Ings175 - any color other than WHITE. :-)



Trust me dude we are a "go crazy modding" kind of group I'm sure there will be all kinds of ideas for JD once he is in our hands :)


Thanks for chiming in DJ. Looking forward to the videos