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Which Interface Has Sout,Sin,Vcc,Ground?

which interface has Sout,Sin,vcc,ground? And how would it hook to the EZB?

if this already has a tutorial, please advise.

Thank You!



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Wouldn't that be basic serial? EZB does serial in/out on every pin (24 according to the specs)...


How would I go about that. Would I need to do a lot of programming in c or such? I found a laser that has this interface. thanks, Mel


You can read about the "SendSerial" EZ-Script command in the script help file. I don't see anything for receiving serial data though.

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The V3 can't receive serial data it can only send. The V4 can send and receive as far as I'm aware.

To use it you would need to connect it to the PC and use another program to read the data then import it in to ARC.

You could probably connect the sensor to a bluetooth serial module (like the one on the V3), pair it to the PC and then use a different program to read the serial data from the sensor, via the COM port set up during pairing, then (somehow) import the data in to ARC. This can be accomplished a few ways, the easiest is to use the telnet method, connect to ARC with the application and send the data to ARC with EZ-Script commands.