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Where'S Wall-E?

I'm trying to build a wall-e using a brookstone rover and the top half of a u-command wall-e. Has anyone seen an ad for this or know a place that sells wall-e parts? (canada, online will work too)


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E-Bay is your friend!

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Yep, ebay is your best bet but I wouldn't hold out much hope for spare parts coming up, especially not the top of a wall-e u-command. I'd guess your best bet is to get a U-Command without controller.


still $130. i think a moded r2d2 might be fun dont you think?


THEY will come down or look for a used one is you best bet for WALL-E also save the search and bid at the last minute I got mine for $30 and $45 in good shape,dont need the controller unless like me,not looking to hack it but one i got i am going to hack it

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Make that 49.95 including shipping. At current exchange rate that comes to roughly $78.30


its not bad of a price for a working WALL-E u command but there are others cheaper so far

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It has no remote, but still a lot more than the $30 or $45 you previously mentioned.

If you look at completed listings of practically all robot toys recently you will notice a steady increase in price, some have dramatically increased in price.


I got it very cheap because i can bid very good ,also i am in USA so shipping and price is different no international shipping ,about half that price is shippping about $37

there are others there going for less so far,need to ask the seller for shipping quote to area you are in BUT i think its about $30 to $35 to canada,thats what is was one i was going to buy 5 or 10 ezb from DJ ,until i got the from robotshop with free shipping over $200 it free shipping mine was about $700 for 10 ezb and another small board


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU @robotmaker! Ever need anything just ask. will gladly return the favour.


NO problem my designs are for everyone and free,plus my electronic designs i can make for free too my expertise is SENSORS any type and how to use them only software i lack in some,scripts so far seems easy