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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Where Can I Find Ip From The Camera?

where can i find the ip or number to use the camera in ez bilder.


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United Kingdom
I just answered in your KD post.

The camera IP address is the same as the EZ-B IP address. So if your EZ-B is your camera will also be

wow the colors are amazing,so bright and clear vieuw.

normal i use a halogeen spot,but now nothing.
United Kingdom
Yep, even in my house it's pretty clear and I had a very dark house (due to cheap LED replacement lamps in all lights). When I got my first camera and EZ-B I mentioned how surprised and impressed I was by how well the camera works.

So much so that I plan to use it to help 3d scan some objects (in addition to some AutoDesk software to stitch it all together), the end result needs to be pretty good quality and I have no doubts that it'll be up to the job.

i live in one room under the rooftop .its dark here to.
looking forwart to see a video off it.