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Where Are The A.I. And Chat Bot Experts?

So there are a few AI and chatbot plugins for EZR. They are pretty cool and offer a couple of options for interacting with the bot. For my own purposes an AI presence is paramount for my EZR experience. Probably for a lot of you as well. Making a chunk of plastic and electrons appear alive is pretty cool.

So does anyone have any progress to share or really interesting configurations? Videos would be cool. How far can we push this? EZR is a good platform to simulate the experience. It just seems like us users need to implement what is in there to the full potential. We have the ability to script in gestures, lights, sounds, vision recognition, etc. which are highly interactive. It would be great to have a a slick configured AI that was top notch to compliment this.

If I had to pick a number out of the air I would say that 90% of us are only using about 40% of the capabilities of EZR. Assume my made up numbers are right, where does the gap lay. In creative implementation and script writing? I contest yes.

Interesting in how this gap is a function of intellect. What is missing does not require a factory or supply chain even though those are crucial. It is the thing that requires no money.

Anyway, anybody have any cool A.I progress to share?


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In creative implementation and script writing?

I would agree. It's very easy to add a couple of controls and make a robot do something sophisticated without heavy scripting, it's the beauty of EZ-Robot and ARC. I don't know if script writing knowledge is the primary issue for lack of AI development in my mind because I've seen many here teach themselves scripting when they never programmed or scripted anything before.

I see members highly focused on specific areas of AI such as specifically face recognition, object recognition, chat, room mapping, floor navigation, data logging, data analysis, etc, rather than all of the above. Which is reasonable because if you try to tackle everything at once it becomes overwhelming. So as others make progress in any of those areas we all get to partake in those achievements.

My current high area of focus is vision with the Omron camera and data logging and data analysis as it relates to that, although the same data logging and analysis processes can be used for anything in ARC.

My overall interest is general AI and I have been spending a lot of time educating myself on the related topics. I have previously completed the MIT Open Courseware in Artificial Intelligence by Prof. Patrick Henry Winston. I do not recommend it for everyone! It did teach me a lot of concepts I would not have understood otherwise though and it helped me reshape the way I go about laying out the brains of my robots in ARC.

My education continues with classes though Udemy in various subjects of artificial intelligences, machine learning, neural nets, and AI.API

My goal is to produce a video soon to highlight some general scripting tips as well as "brain building" tips to show how I build brains in ARC. It would be the first of many video I hope to share.

Chat is not a area I'm focused heavily at the moment though. I'm waiting to complete my AI.API class before I revisit that because I think long team AI.API has more advantages.


I am really looking forward to see that video @JustinRatliff that sounds like a great thing for the community!

Where did you do those courses, online? I know Udemy and I know that there are a lot of classes for free out there...I tried to start this at some point, but it was just too hard to do for me! Great that you went thru all this, a lot of energy and effort I guess! :D

When you are talking about your AI.API it Gooles that you are pointing out, or is this another thing? :)


I’d like to think of myself as a life long learner. The MIT open courseware is online, several universities like MIT have open courseware courses and classes. You can do a search for open courseware to find them if you are interested.

And yes AI.api while the name sounds generic it is googles and Udemy has a course or two now related to it. If you find course you like at Udemy my advice is wait for a sale, which is very often! There are also a lot free training material, videos from google and webinars you can sign up for related to AI.api if interested. It just takes time to go though the material and experiment.


That is very very interesting, I am really thinking that will bring our robots to the next level, since integration with ARC is very good and it also works like the google assistant! I did quiet a bit of research on myself and found out that it has a good learning curve...

If you are having any good YouTube channels or websites, that you found and would recommend, sharing the links would be highly appreciated! :)


In Ohio (U.S.), if you are 60 and over, you can go to some colleges for free! I don't know all the rules for this but if the school receives funds from the government, then they must offer a "60 plus program". You don't receive any credits just the class. I have taken 6 college classes so far and plan to take many more. Thought i would post this up here for anyone that might be reading and didn't know it.

Don't mean to high-jack this tread :(