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When I Put On A New Netbook, It Found Bluetooth Devices But Would Not Let Me Pa

I am trying to hook up two EZB3s and I am having problems pairing them. I erased them in order for windows to find them. But, as of yet, it hasn't.

How can I force windows to ask for the pairing numbers?

I really did the pooch this time. I deleted some very important files trying to get rid of the two uninstalled files in the device manager. There were the two EZBs I hooked up. But, I deleted some other bluetooth items that I needed like touch screen and usb ports, etc.

I am updating the windows. It will take a while on the netbook. It has an Atom(Slowww) cpu single core.

As soon as it updates, I want to throw in the two EZBs and see if anything happens differently.

Wish me luck.

Thanks, Mel


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Didn't we do this before a few days back? Mel needs help What happened, you had everything working....? Windows will ask you to pair the devices automatically... Delete the ezbs from Bluetooth device list and try again... Pay attention to the dialogs that window presents you with in adding a new device (after Bluetooth finds your ezbs)... Do only one at a time... And remember to write down what comm port they are on...


yeh, we did this a short while ago and it worked great. But, now I am on another netbook.

Thanks for your help and patience. One EZB asked me to pair it when it was found. The other one just sits there and glows.

I have an idea. What if they go out and find the device, but there are not any ports for them to use. Should I then create new ports for them?

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You wont run out of ports for them to use. There is no need to create ports.

There is a small window of time from powering up the EZ-B that you have for pairing so I am lead to believe. Pair them one at a time. Have the PC ready to search for new devices then power up the EZ-B, then search for new devices.

You may also need to reboot after removal of devices before Windows will decide to add them again.

A while ago I took screenshots of the entire pairing process on Windows 7 when I got my second EZ-B, follow just the first part of this. Note: yours probably wont be called Linvor any more since you have connected it to a PC before.


Mel, don't even go there... creating ports and such... windows does it automatically.... You'll mess up you PC by doing things you shouldn't.... Windows 7 and 8 are not DOS.... do it the same way you connected the first one.... delete it and try again, re-boot first, maybe....

EDIT Rich beat me to it.... again... LOL :)


Both of you were a LOT of help!

Thank You both, Both EZBs are working fine!