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When Can We Expect Ez Bits In The Store?

I was excited to see that some ex bits will be sold in the store. Do we have an eta on this?


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We don't have a definite answer for you - but i'm hoping for end of the summer.
@DJ Not rushing you but, Generations Metroplex and Masterpiece Soundwave are coming out in the US at the end of summer too, I was hoping to space some of my robot purchases out over the season. As a Transformers collector I simply have to have those guys. As an EZ fan I really want my own JD.

The servos for JD's head, are you using the mini pan/tilt servo setup you currently have in the web store? If so are you using the magnetic clutches?
I can't wait to make JD too! I have a 3D printer but I am waiting for the tutorial and to see JD in action before I start buying all the servos I need for JD.
Sweet, not too far off then. I've got plenty to keep me busy until then.
I'm glad you're all excited for ezbits !

We are putting a few things in place to help people get access to them. Right now if you have a 3D printer, you can print the bits yourself. There's a print button right in the ARC software!

In the next little while, I'm trying to arrange companies to print parts for people on demand. So you will be able to buy the parts for any of our robots! I'm excited about that.

Also a community printing network is in the works. Everyone in our community that have printers can make parts for other ppl on request. It'll help build a strong innovative community also.
Your last statement is the best! Considering the Forum's contribution to the "Script Cloud" the Bit Cloud too will grow