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Wheel Disassembly Wall-E

I can't figure out how to get the wheels apart to mount the servo wheel. Is the shaft press fit? I've tried but can't get them apart... I can feel the gap and mine should be the same as the pic from DJ's tutorial... Help! Also has anyone just mounted the servo wheel on the outside? Seems like I saw pics of one but of course can't find them now! Thanks!

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Ok, I screwed up the pic u/l... same one as on DJ's robots... can you see what I'm saying? LOL


Hey Milanmark,

Did you see the pics I post on your last post about the wheel assembly? What I did was I just cut the metal rod right off the base. Glued a plastic spacer that I got from a hardware store then glued it onto the servo itself.

Less cutting and less melting is less work....ha ha ha


Thanks! I forgot the earlier post, having a hard time getting back to them... I like your idea and I actually bought a regular servo wheel so I don't have to glue it. So that is what I probably will do... BUT!

I would still like to know how to get that wheel apart so I can weigh my options!

Thanks in advance if anyone can tell me how to do that!


GotRrobbed: used your idea, servos mounted to the wheels, dremeling done, tested and works! Still have some minor fitting work to be done... and I have the servos duct taped in place for now. Need to get my glue gun out!


And if you don't want to cut the shaft? What then?

DJ's pics at clearly show the inner wheel hub opened and that two screws hold it together.

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Ah - I've sussed it.

Wall-E's big driving wheels have small rubbery hubcaps on the outer wheel - prise that out and you will see a screw.

Remove that wheel, take the other off the frame, you can see the two screws - undo them to take apart the inner wheel.

After that, the gearbox can be pulled cleanly from the inner wheel - it comes out on a hex shaped shaft.

For future reference - initial launch of the Wall-E toyline -



Im glad you figured that one out. Now I know for the next one I do. What I did was once I removed the wheel from the gearbox I heated the shaft with a soldering iron. I let it stay just long enough for me to put vise grip pliers on it moving it clockwise and counter clockwise until it freed up and pulled out. eyeroll I wished I noticed your way earlier.


'Sok - I managed to stuff mine up worse - after attaching the servo to the inner cap like DJ does, I tried to reassemble the inner wheel incorrectly and dremeled off the spoke I thought was now in the way.

I had it back to front of course, and now have to work out a new arrangement for a spoke to join inner and outer wheels. (at the right distance, aligned perfectly for the tank track grips.)

Ebay wall-e's starting to look attractive ...