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Sorry about my grammar title should have said "what's with the pistol"


Lol, it's alright guys. I'm not contemplating any life threatening decisions. We were testing out our MAME light guns! We just got them working today. Truth be told, Jurassic park wasn't as thrilling as I hoped it would be ;D


Lol, Sorry I wasn't implying anything bad or miss leading I'm actually a gun owner myself . Just thought I'd start a conversation anyway I love your products. :D:)


Ps I just watched the video DJ uploaded. Wish our company had toys like ez-robots.

By the way, you can delete this post if you think it Might offend someone.



Here's what we were doing:)


Ah, arcade memories! That game sucked a lot of quarters out of my pocket! I could never get past the aerial H-Ks...


And those Resistance fighters were always in the way!

@DJSures - what pinball machines do you have there? Something else I really miss. Used to be anywhere you went (pizza place, bar, arcade, you name it) there was always a pinball machine or two (BTW Dave - if I'm ever in that part of the US I'm going to impose myself on you to let me use those pinballs I see in a lot of the B9 pix!)


I've started collecting info to make a virtual pinball. If you haven't seen them, check it out on google. Virtual pinball uses 3 led screens and runs a software that people contribute play fields.

As for the games we have now

  • asteroids
  • universal cabinet (played in video) has 20,000+ games from NES, snes, mame, PlayStation, neogeo, sega, Atari 2600 and a few more. It's 4 joysticks and 2 light guns. Pretty wild machine
  • 1952 Seaburg model c jukebox (completely original)
  • 1976 captain fantastic pinball
  • doctor who pinball
  • bride of pinbot pinball

The pinballs have all been converted to leds, including captain fantastic - which looks amaze.

The only trouble we have had was with doctor who. A darlington transistor array chip popped so Jeremie hijacked the pins and we were back up and running that night

Here's fixing doctor who


Wow, wow and wow! Bride of Pinbot and the original Pinbot were personal favorites!

A buddy of mine and I used to cut classes at art school to go play Asteroids ;)

You have some nice classics!

I had collected some pinball Roms (including table simulations) a few years back; I don't know if that site is even around any more. The virtual tables simulated the games down to the tiniest detail; you could even get flipper buttons for your pc, but until there are real Holodecks, it's still just a simulation.

That said, I'll take the simulation over not being able to play, anytime!

Last note (to tie it back in to the topic at hand), I came across my pc copy of T2 on 3.5" floppy disk a couple months back! What was I thinking when I bought it so long ago? Point-and-click is not aim and shoot! :D


OK, I couldn't help myself. I rarely am able to rise close to the level DJ and his crew operates at daily. So when he mentioned it's possible to build a Video Pinball machine I had to break out the movie camera and show off the one I built a couple years ago. It's a little outdated because there's newer technology and this one is still running off Win XP. However It's a ton of fun and runs pretty well. Enjoy the vid below and please forgive the blatant show of pride (showing off, LOL). I also had to show off the Bride of Pinbot and Dr Who that are on deck to be restored when I complete my EZ Robot controlled B9 Robot.

@TEX, like I've said in the past; you're always welcome to spend a few days at my place. That is if you are brave enough to travel to the frigid, frozen tundra of Wisconsin. I'm sure we'd have a blast and have lots of things to talk about and do!


Man! That virtual pinball is great - thanks for sharing dave. Also it's nice to know that i could consider using a wide body pinball cabinet. I was under the impression that i would have to make one from scratch with mdf. I still think i might make one from scratch, as it'll be a fun project.

The bride of pinbot on the virtual machine is nice and bright. The challenge we find with the bride is how dark the playfield is. I was thinking of where to add some more lights to light up the playfield.

I saw High Speed on your virutal pinball - that was one of my favorites ever.


I'm really pleased you enjoyed my vid and liked the Visual Pinball table. When I saw my first one at Pinball Expo down in Chicago I knew I had to have one. So true to my form I built one. Updating it is also on my list. This platform has come so far since I built this table and moved on to other interests.

As far as darkness of a pin playfield; this is a common complaint people have. More so if you like to play with the lights down. I struggle with this issue also. If you don't mind exterior lighting a lot of people install overhead track lights above their table. However you need to work to keep the glare off the playfield glass. A better solution is to add mini spotlights around the playfield and tie into the General Illumination circuit. The Pinball manufactures like Stern and JJP are now installling them on all their new games where needed. Pinball parts Suppliers sell them. Heres a link:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

You can attach them to Hex posts like this to give them height above the playfield where needed:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Also I agree! High Speed is a scream!:D The only way I can afford to have all the pinball machines I love was to build this VP. ;)


That virtual machine is amazing! Yeah, that's the way to go if you're short on space and want a bunch of tables.

The Bride of Pinbot and Pinbot that I used to play were still in use in a boardwalk arcade, but they (and much more) were washed out to sea compliments of Hurricane Sandy. Nice to know you have an original machine!

Speaking of original machines, I have a Cyclone and Jack in the Box, waiting to be moved, cleaned and set up. Of course, what I really need is a house three times larger! eek

I'm really happy to see the virtual pinball site (with all its resources) is still there. Now all I need to do is win the lottery so I can quit my job and have time to do what I want, and still pay the bills.


I had some trouble with my 1952 seaburg model c jukebox this evening. So the 3d printer came in handy!


@DJ, I saw through the office cam last night that you had the JB pulled out and were working on it. I was wondering what you were up to. Thanks for sharing this. I totally enjoyed this video. Using your 3D printer to repair this old work of art is awesome. What a wonderful world we now live in to be able to reproduce things seemingly out of thin air. Almost like Star Trek's replicators. I really need to take the leap and get a good 3D printer and learn how to use it. There's so much I could use it for. I'm impressed how you were able to match that old part and print it out. It's a mystery to me how you and others are able to do this with such accuracy.

I love that old JB of yours. It's older then me and looks a lot better! :P Having one of these old classics in my game room is on my bucket list but sadly I have no room. I'm getting close to selling off some of my collection of pinball games to make more room for stuff like this and generate some cash flow so I can afford it. This is going to be hard though. tired

Usually you can get these JB with the records. Did your JB come with the 45's as a package? You mentioned that you categorized them. I have heard that replacing the old tubes with the new tube kits will really enhance and warm up the sound. Please let us know if you notice a difference. :)

Also thanks for the peak into Cap Fantastic. Old EM pins scare me. Way too much going on with all those switches. I tried working on one once and it took me a week to find the switch that was causing the trouble. mad Give me a circuit board any time over that mess any day please. However, that was the way it was back then and the only way. Really ingenious when you think about it.

Again, thanks for sharing. This made my weekend. ;)


Glad to enjoyed that Dave. The juke box had a few 45's - but I got the rest and updated some from a local record shop in town called Record Land. It's a warehouse that's full of used and new records. Kinda cool place.


All the cool stuff and updates to this thread made my week, too. Like Dave, I'm an old fart; I look at modern miracles like 3D prinetrs with an eye on how to keep the past going. What you did to repair the jukebox is nothing short of amazing! You may have eventually been able to find a vintage repair part - at a cost higher than what you probably paid for all your 45's:D

My stalling point with 3D is that I really need to learn the modeling software. It's just a matter of time.

BTW, when I lived in NJ there was a place called "Princeton Record Exchange". All vinatge stuff, from reel-to-reel to 8-Track, cassette and vinyl. You'd need to make sure you had no other plans the day you visited, 'cause it was easy to get lost browsing for 2, 4, 8 hours!


Old fart? eek Crap, your right! When did that happen? :P


I'm still trying to figure that out! :P