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What To Skip If Any In Lessons

Hello All,

So I am new to robot programming but have recently completed an Inmoov build. My ultimate goal is to eventually create a few different custom robots from scratch. I purchased a JD Robot to learn on before taking a chance on damaging my Inmoov. When I visit the LEARN section on the EZ-Robot website I see there are lessons using RoboScratch and then later Blocky. Do I need to work on learning RoboScratch since I will be using Blocky? The EZ-Robot team has been doing this for some time and the older lessons don’t quite match up to ARC.

Where do you experienced users recommend I focus on to learn the basics of EZ-B? Do I go through all the older/early lessons including RoboScratch ( that I won’t use in my project ) to get the basics to help me later on or is there another point I can start at to learn?



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Firstly don't listen to anyone here who hasn't built an inMoov. You only need to learn one programming language. So Blockly is fine. However, learning scripting in ARC and/or javascript will make your inMoov 'really' come alive. You can make it do some real interesting things. Some people will tell you that you don't need to learn how to code at all... and while that's true most of those people have a boring 6ft tall inMoov paperweight... They can get it to pose and respond to bing speech but if that's all you want it to do then forget coding. (Bob Houston made and programmed an awesome inMoov without any prior coding knowledge.... I was seriously impressed with his abilities..)  Saying that... the difference between someone who has an inMoov but can't code and a guy with coding experience is like comparing a family car to the Bat mobile.... Which one are people going to be impressed with?

Bottom line Blockly and the ezb4 will get your foot in the door to advanced robot coding and an impressive inMoov...  if that is your goal. Otherwise the built in ARC controls will do just fine getting your inMoov at least to do the Devinci pose... But anyone can do that...*cool*

FYI The best way to learn any coding (IMHO) is to download other people's code and screw around with it to see how it works and how changes in the code change the output...
Thanks. I agree with you regards actually learning how to code. I taught myself to code websites back in the early days and can't imagine being confined to the WIX type templates people use today. I think its the same with robot programming. I want to be able to code on my own so I can create robots other than templated ones. What that said.... I am still confused where to start off in the EZ LEARN section. I don't want to waste time on things that I won't use eventually. Thats why I asked about Roboscratch.  I am looking for a good place to dive in where I can learn the basics of creating a project with blocky and adding elements to it as it grows.  As I look at Blocky there are a lot of elements there that I don't see demoed in any videos.  Where can I learn about that sort of stuff? I don't mind putting in the time but I need a starting point. If it needs to be the primary lessons then so be it but I thought it best to ask others who have been through it.