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What Does Undefined Function Call Mean?

NeverMind. I did something Stupid. I installed the new update on my master computer and then ran the program on the robot without the update. so, there wasn't the newly created function on the robot. Crazy.



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It will be easier if you provide a project file please
I got it fixed. I did not have the latest Update. Sorry.

But, I do have a question. When I am running the Roomba, I have the script checking for the objects and it is going forward. She will go forward until I say stop or there is an object in front. But I have it in a loop to continue testing for objects, and I use speech recognition windows to say stop the script. But when I stop the script, she doesn't stop, the Roomba continues to go forward. I have to then say Robot Stop. Is there a way to stop the robot when I stop the script?


I am enjoying that subroutine.

The script actually did not work for me when I got it. I found out that my sharp sensors were flaky. So, I changed it to work with only the PING units and I guess it will be ok. But work or not, it was a GREAT tutorial. And, I am getting some of my confidence back.
Rather than use a ControlCommand() to stop the script, use a variable.

For example in the looping code, do something like this..


# This variable will be used to determine if we exit.
# If it is a 0, we continue running
# If it is a 1, we exit this script
$exit = 0

# begin moving forward


# Get the ping sensor value
$ping1 = GetPing(d9, d8)

# If the ping sensor value is less than 20, alarm!
if ($ping1 < 20)

# If the exit value is 1, exit the script
if ($exit = 1)



Say("Object Detected")

Say("Received Command Stop")

And in your Exit Command for Speech REcognition, you will set $exit = 1

You start the script the same way you'd normally start, by ControlCommand("MyScript", ScriptStart)
thanks, D.J. -You are the Greatest!!!