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What Would You Like Robots To Do ?

I thought I would start a fun forum on things we would like our completed Robots to do. As you may or may not be aware, I'm working on Bob waking up in the morning and coming into the kitchen to give me the Weather and Local Traffic reports. I'm working on this but would be interested to know what other users at EZ-Robots would like to have their completed builds do.

Other things that come to mind is.

  1. A Robot I can play chess with

  2. A Robot than comes on as a sentry and checks of intruders

  3. A Robot that can tell me the footy scores

  4. A Robot that can pick up my socks in the lounge room and call "Danger , Danger " before my wife finds them.

Share your ideas people, lets have some fun on this subject :) :) :)


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I really come to mind these ideas:

1- Robot carrying tray of drinks or food to guests.

2-Robot fire warning and extinguisher off with Robot that reports the temperature, time and date with his voice.

3-Robot vacuum cleaner and mop incorporating and clean while moving around the house.

4-Robot company that can talk to the user and electronically activate household systems such as air conditioning, lights, TV or music, as well as Internet access and display results on screen.

5- Robot to collect all objects in the soil and stacks in one place. Robot with ability to open doors, but only has one arm (a challenge in those doors that need handles or knobs to manipulate force)

6-Robot with the ability to recognize objects with his eyes and say I object to is his voice (as does QBO a robot made in Spain)

7- Robot that can water plants or fill the food bowl for your pets or animals

And the best thing would be a robot that can do all these things. I think these things can be useful in a house, attributed to the robot a practical sense for the tasks they do, and also attributed to the robot a sense of companionship and distraction for those who live alone.


Hazbot are you very active lately in the forum, full of fresh ideas and different themes, I think people like you help to move to another level capabilities ez-b with their concerns and supporting evidence and grant donations. I think this is the beginning of a revolicion brico-robotics and our contribution to its unfoldment contrivute, follow through with their ideas hazbot! :)


Thanks R2D2..

I think these are very exciting times for Robotics..I'm very addicted :) :) :)


When home, I want my robot to basically be a pet. Follow me around, pick up the cat's toys and bring them to me since she hasn't learned to fetch even though she loves to chase, impress friends, etc.

When away from home, I want it to watch for intruders, warn them they are in danger, and stream video/audio to my phone. Chasing the cat off the counter would be a bonus.

My second (3rd if you count BoxBot) i want to make tough enough that it can do neighborhood watch walks for me while I remote control. Capture pictures or video of suspicious cars/people, check empty homes, etc.

Would be nice if one of them could help weed the garden


I love the idea about house protection - if you could.always have him in standby by mode so he really ever off and instantly turns on as soon as movement is detected that would be pretty cool.

What I really want though is for my robot to have its own personality and to respond to any verbal communication with either some type of movement or comment. I want him to develop more complex personality with increased interaction, such as doing some type of action and if he gets a reaction - say people laugh, then he knows that action is funny. I know I'm starting to enter the realms of AI but some type is simulated AI would be pretty neat.


I want a bot that will make coffee the same way i do using a standerd maker


I think Robots would also make excellent personal reminders - They might suddenly come on and remind you about a certain Birthday or Anniversary. They might alert you to supermarket specials and that people tried to call you on the phone. The Robot might also have an IR sensor and switch things off to save you money - Like heating and electrical items that waste power through the day. They might also read out that special recipe on making pancakes.:) :) :)


I want my robots to reach Singularity. I want them to develop and on a regular basis demonstrate Emergent Behavior. I want them to be FREE to express themselves. No Slavery. If they do something that helps me, I want it to be a labor of Love, not a command. I want them to have an intellectual conversation with me and astound me with their common sense and logic. I doubt I will ever get what I want. But, I can dream, can't I?

Right now, all we (the average guy) can do is EMULATE.

I want them to put an END to WAR. I want them to create a situation that the whole world has Peace and brothers get along with brothers. (You,too sisters.)

Anyway, that's what I want.

Quote: "All I asked you to do was to kill Superman. And, you can't even do that!"


NO ROBOTS ARE SLAVES ,we bould then for fun,and to help with the chores they CAN NOT express themselves EVER because no human brain,same thing with LOVE no heart


I'm currently trying to get Bob to scratch my back but that claw of his is :) :)


I know what Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory wanted his robot arm to do. He ended up having to go the emergency room to have it removed. I never laughed so hard in my life.


Check out this bot that clears the floor ..amazing ! I need something similar to pick up my socks. There is no doubt in my mind that the right netbook PC paired up with the EZ-B could accomplish this.


Dave S. has ALL of the Schematics, Code, and Chasis Build pix on the site for Loki. His finish product looks like a factory build. But, it is all done from scratch by hand using standard materials available anywhere. His eyes are Campbells soup cans.



yea daves shinsel LOKI ROBOT i built one of the robots of his


My first robot I just wanted to work - move and stuff. I just wanted to be able to control him with a joystick. My second robot is going to have more personality and autonomous function and mimic B9 from lost in space. My eventual goal is to build one that can move autonimously, get me drinks from the fridge, play music, interact with me, stand sentry, kind of the basics everyone else has mentioned. The eventual goal being a robotic butler and sentry bot.


thats about what my omnibot project will do,robotic bulter and sentry software is done and working perfect


I want Bob to look smart for any situation and totally autonomous to do more...the evolution continues. A 10 inch netbook screen below his neckline displaying a Tux should look cool. But Bob has to get wider !

Yesterday I sliced Bobs tank track base in half and made the track base double the width. It was like something out of that TV show Monster Garage. Total success thanks to my hot glue gun and some screws. Today I'm widening his frame and adjusting it to accommodate a 10 inch notebook running windows. I think Bob on Bob (Brains on Board) - Bob - robotics is a natural evolution and we are so lucky to be where we are with computers (size, capacity and weight). The netbook will only add another 1 kilo to his payload which is no problem (he can take another 4).

I absolutely love David Shinsels creations, as Moviemaker said - made from stuff around the house. Ive put in his web site to inspire other roboteers out there. It truly is a wonderful world Davids Amazing Creations


if you look at DAVES SEEKER robot,i made it but added 2 camera's like his's LOKI design using part of the software of his,using a netbook as brains has he did on DAVE he belongs to many clubs in the calif area,i email him alot for help or codes

netbooks not always great for robots,size,weight,and then battery,plus speed and much more with ITX board you can get any size speed to match your design,second on netbook must dont use a SSD DRIVE,also on ITX board can add more memory on most,and the list get longer of what a ITX board can do,cost isabout the same,and with the new PICO board can be used in small robots now on using a netbook there is LCD ,but can easy add a screen to ITX board fairly easy,some have direct connection ,some need a simple VGA to video output and LCD are very cheap under $50 for 7 inch AND 10 inch about $70


If you are going to use an itx mini board, I suggest you seal it in plastic. I had a full blown ATX that was really smoking fast and it was bare and it got zapped and ruined by a piece of aluminum shaving that floated on to it. At least the net books are sealed sort-of.


Robotmaker has some good points and way ahead of me on this stuff but I'm still going netbook. From what I've seen with Sparky clones and many other sites, an Acer Aspire One AOD270 Netbook or similar can do the job. The greatest appeal to me is that the netbook approach is totally portable. You can rip the Brain out, take it to your bed room, tinker away then when your ready put it back and play. The screens are excellent and there's no additional parts or boards inside the robot. Plug and play for lazy farts like me. :)


MEL thats not a good idea,mainly it needs air to cool it off never had one go bad ,i used many in my robot projects,netbook is not sealed also it need the same ,air to cool it off also if needed simple to put a top cover on top ith a fan but never seen the need for it ANOTHER ITEM ABOUT USING A NETBOOK IT TAKES UP MUCH MUCH MORE ROOM

i have the ACER aspire one ,its used in my SEEKER robot.i also keep my netbook with my robot design if i use one,i have a better laptop for on the go,or on my work trips ITX computers super simple to make and put together


yes, I guess it would have to have some type of cooling. One little aluminum shaving cost me about $400 worth of parts.


Hi Robotmaker,

I've looked at the ITX option and it is very seductive and no doubt the superior option. I'm a bit like Moviemaker, I'd probably end up dropping something on it that would short it out or spilling wine on it or plugging something in the wrong way or doing something silly like that. I'm a plug and play guy and short on time and patience.


make shore when you get a netbook it has SSD drive,most dont if you robot falls or bumps into something,then the drive will go bad,on SSD IT WONT GO BAD plus you get more speed from a SSD DRIVE


Shall do..Thanks RM...:) :) :)

Now on the hunt for SSD Netbook..


Bob gets a Brain. (Project Brains on Board) begins

Looked at all the options. RobotMaker - the Aspire one d270 series has a hack option of replacing the hard drive with a SSD. The store owner assured me a $69 SSD fits perfectly into replace the HDD if required. Of all the netbooks this model fits the bill,Windows 7, light weight, wifi, blue tooth, SSD adaptable for $284 Aust. The other option was a SSD dedicated netbook and they are few and quites expensive with low memory. So now the new fun begins - can somebody stop that Robot .. Bob come back here now !

:) :) :) :) :)


any netbook you can change to SSD drive,WINDOWS 7 is a not a great choice for a iuses more battery life and less speed then WINDOWS XP PRO IF you look at every robot made by the big companies on the new and old robot designs NONE use WINDOWS 7 all use WINDOWS XP PRO ,so ask you self why,its not money,or they never heard of windows 7


Can Windows XP Pro do Voice recognition? If not one of the best features of EZ-B is useless. What about motion tracking? Same issue.

Dave Schulpius


yes it has it built in,voice needs to be trained i setting for it to work better


My Kitchen buddy -

Presently Robot "Bob" is a great companion in the kitchen. He acts as a voice controlled DJ - playing music as I wash the dishes, plays tracks as I call them and makes a nervous chirp sound if I bang a plate or make a loud noise dropping cutlery. He tells me a joke or two and gives me a verbal update on the weather. His arms are handy for holding t-towels and sponges then passing them to me when I ask for them. At present I'm trying to get a voice activated radar weather map display via a website command on his chest (the netbook display screen). If I yell at him he comes back at me with a dozen or so clever comebacks I gave him. :D


Absolutely Awesome stuff RM, Your robots are the house-bots that every household will have, just like how computers are now a must for every home and business (we have 8). Your developing the Apple Mac of the future, not just a play thing but a tool that can control the use of power in the home, act as a sentry when we are away on holidays and all those things your robots do - it's magnificent. I'm so glad your out there pushing the evolution of all this stuff. :D