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What Voltage Does Those 995 Servos Like?

I am guessing that they like 6 Volts. But, if you know the EXACT voltage that the 995 servos LOVE, let me know.

Thanks in Advance!


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Why are you asking for assistance on this @Mel? If you google it you'll find your answer even faster... I don't think you should be using "requiring assistance" for things that you can just as easily google.
Since you don't have an ezb4 and unless you are powering your servos via an external power source, plugging them directly into your EZB3 they will only get 5V anyway
Ive got 19 of them in my humanoid, they can handle a 2s lipo which is 8.4v when theyre hot off the charger. Ive taken them to 9v without killing them, but i dont recommend it. 2s lipo or 6s nimh is best:) they seem pretty weak at 5v.
Thank you guys for the information. Just plugging them into the V3 doesn't seem to work so well. So, I figured I would see what other members are experiencing. and see if I have to add a dedicated battery. I am just trying to participate in the forum.

Oh, BTW, your link is broken.
@Mel....... No it's not... click on it and wait for a few seconds... then you'll get my point...
United Kingdom
MG995s draw a lot of current, more than 1 connected directly to an EZ-B V3 will cause brownouts.

Consider upgrading to the EZ-B V4 or powering them through an external regulator. 7.2v (as previously stated) is the written ceiling but they can be pushed higher if needed. I use 6v with great results.

Since it seems you are back in the robot building game, if you want to buy back one or both the the v4 EZ-B's you sold me, I'll sell them back for exactly what I paid you.

- or I will trade them for Sunshine's base (ie, wheels and motors specifically, although I wouldn't throw away the chassis). I would pay the shipping.

Let me know either here, or my email is in my profile.

Alan, if that's what you want, I have the base tore down into Motors with wires hanging, Nothing else much except the transmission and the tires. You would have to pay the shipping. I would be happy to take the EZB4s off of your hands. But, I don't have any boot to pay. It would make it easier if you had a business account with UPS, Post Office, or Fed-x. I will always ship USPS if they will take it. Just tell me what you can live with and we will have a deal. It may take me a while to get them out because I am caring for my wife which Ruptured 5 of her discs in her back.

Just let me know.

@RichR, I got an error message when I clicked on the link.

@Rich, I have eight servos hooked up. Four for the mouth, two for the neck and two for the wrist and claw.

@Dave, Kenny, Thanks!
Alan, I will need your information again. My email address is:

yhmmc <<<at>>>yahoo<<<dot>>> com.