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What To Do With An Old Ez-B3 ?

I have been away from my ez-b3 for sometime now. As I was getting back to it I upgraded my ARC software to the most recent version. So now when I try to connect to my B3 I get this error

Invalid EZ-Robot OS Version. Please Upgrade. EZ-B Reports v16 This copy of ARC requires v16.6

I am assuming that this is a bios upgrade to the B3. When I go to the dialog that pops up asking if I want to troubleshoot it takes me to the V4 page. I'm not the sharpest tool the shed but I have looked at the v3 support page and find no answers and no luck with keyword searches in the forums.

Before any one asks, yes I have just sent my order for the v4. I just cannot see not using the v3 for something no matter how old is.

Thanks for any help



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I'll check out the forum thread, thanks. And yes I did download the latest ARC for Windows just prior to posting that forum message and received that error and link to the V4


You may not want to stop using the v3, but bear in mind support will eventually end for it (no one knows when that will happen)... However, I promise you once you get your ezb4, you'll forget all about the V3:)


And if you do stop using the V3, there have been plenty of people looking to buy them, so you will be able to subsidize the cost of your v4.



More than likely you are correct. I'll find a permanent home for the 3. I always wanted the wifi capabilities 4 offers so I am stoked waiting for it to arrive. Forgot how much I enjoyed EZ-Robot. Love the constant updates to the software and hardware. I have a feeling that there are more than a handful of us that went away for awhile and then come back to a bit of a learning curve.

The only critique I have is it was a total pain to track down such a simple answer to the 3 flash issue. It was so easy I feel a bit embarrassed in not finding the answer on my own. Just would have been good to have seen that link to the answer on the 3 support page

Anyway, Thank you all for a great product(s) and software


The entire learn section is being revamped for the EZ-B v4. Learning how to use it and grow with it will be simple and rewarding:)

Every question thats posted on this forum and to our Contact Us page is recorded, documented and tracked so we know exactly what information people are requiring. All of that info helps us prioritize which areas we need to tweak in the software and create videos/ tutorials for. Since we have limited resources we can't do all of them at once though!

The EZ-B v3 will still be supported for a while so seeing these questions definitely still helps us.



Well Alan and all the rest of you, Thank you! I can tell EZ-Robot is a company that cares. Excellent products, constant updates, fair prices and excellent response. I appreciate all of you that have replied to me and this thread. Keep it up folks.

From an old wannabe robot maker


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