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What Screen Lcd Use?

hello all, I would install a lcd on the chest of my robot Omnibot 2000 and I ainerais whether the lcd screens are Arduino shield compatible with ez BV4? it this is not the case, can you tell me what type of screen should I use? and also have a link to a site where I can buy. thank you to you eric cordially.


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The LCD screens I (and some other members) use, I purchased from here. They work great with the EZ-B and are fairly easy to set up once you get you head around how they work. Here is a picture of what I'm using...

User-inserted image

Below is a link to a forum discussion about the LCD05 screens I now use...

LCD screen help

If you decide to get one of these displays, you can click here for some working script examples in Post's #3, #5, and #6 to help you get started.

Hope that helps.


steve g hello, I Thank You for letting me answer your information going itting me a great secour, thank you, sincerely, eric

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No problem. If you need help wiring it up, just post back here and I'll guide you through it.:)


steve g hello, excuse-month return on my lcd screenshot, but I do not understand or ais is what I fear get one? which itself compatible with the ez BV4, can you send me a web link if it please you? another question, can you scroll (as a background 'computer screenshot) images imported from the internet? on a screen lcd connect to ezbv4? if so, how to take it with you? because that is what I would do with my lcd screen.

thank you,
                             cordially, eric
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Apparently Robot Electronics have moved their website around so the link in the first post doesn't work now. Here is the new one for the LCD screens...

On the LCD screens I am talking about, they are only alphanumeric displays, as in they only display letters and numbers, not pictures. I'm not sure about using an LCD TFT screen to an EZ-B which I think you are asking about. If this is for your OmniBot rebuild where you asked about servos, I use a tablet PC to display pictures and videos ect on my robot which may be an option for you to consider.