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bernard eric

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  • 2015-08-04 - connected ARC to the cloud

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Search A Customer Ez Competent French Robot Programing With Ez Buider

Hello everyone, my name is Eric, Im French, I planned to restore and re-equip entirely my robot OMNIBOT 2000 ez robot, may the problem I encounter is that I do not speak english, (I use google translation) and this complicates me the stain is on the use of the software ARC aislinn grant of er robot informed me they had many customers in France, my...

Remote To Omnibot 2000

Hello everyone, I am looking for a remote control to OMNIBOT 2000, I can not seem to find one on ebay (nobody seems to sell?) I wonder if everything azard quelquin from yourself would be in perfect working order has to sell me? has cordially thank you eric.

Backlight Lcd Project Omnibot 2000 Robot

Hello, everyone, I saw on the forum that it was possible to backlight the LCD screen of a Omnibot 2000, so I disassemble my robot Omnibot 2000 to access the LCD screenshot, but I do not see how I can do ? quelquin can you give me information on the subject (in French if possible), has cordially thank you eric

Master Control Unit For Omnibot 2000

hello all, I have to search a remote control up and running for my robot OMNIBOT 2000 impossible to find one on ebay, no one sells? Is that-among quelquin you have a sell me? or moin indicated pourais or I buy one. thank you sincerely eric

Remote Control Robot Omnibot 2000

Hello everyone, I am looking for a remote control robot OMNIBOT 2000 quelquin peutil inform me where I can buy one?

Quelle Moteur Pour La Locomotion De Votre Omnibot 2000 ?

bonjour dj, je me permais de vous écrire en français car je croi que vous parlais le français ? jai vue votre video sur votre omnibot 2000 et jai était trés emballé ,et je désirerais faire de méme pour le mien ( je posséde moi aussi un omnibot 2000 ) jessaye de comprendre peut a peut comment vous vous y étre pris pour amméliorer votre robot, je ne...

Information On Available Servos

hello, I planned to restore my OMNIBOT 2000 and I wonder if we need servos left for the left arm and right servos for right fras? or is it that it does not matter? can someone informed me? thank you, sincerely eric
What Screen Lcd Use?

What Screen Lcd Use?

hello all, I would install a lcd on the chest of my robot Omnibot 2000 and I ainerais whether the lcd screens are Arduino shield compatible with ez BV4? it this is not the case,...

Restore My Omnibot 2000

Hello everyone, I am studying your site and your videos to buy the nessessaire articles to fully restore my Omnibot 2000 what advice would you give me in this regard to the displacement of the robot? fautil I Cervos installs a continuous rotations led to the wheels? I saw on some sites it exsiste the frame fitted with special wheels for robot when...

Intelligence For The Instalation Of Two Cervomoteurs In The Neck Of A Robot Omni

Hello, I present myself my name is eric I am 52 years old and I m interresse the robot always, I Omnibot has a robot in 2000 and I want to restore amméliorer, I would like to install 2 cervomoteurs neck to make their perform a double rotation, right-left and top out there, may I not sure how to go for assembled together eye exsiste walk in double...
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