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hi where does the sound comming from that dj uses from wally. *blush*
If you mean mechanically; the new V4 board will have the ability to attach a small speaker directly to the board it's self. Then you can store the sound files on your computer, use the computer's sound card to play the files and stream the file right to the EZB's speaker.

With the old V3 board we had to use a MP3 Trigger board or some other interface player where the files were stored on flash cards. ARC has a control that can play the sound files or use a script to trigger them. Another way would be to play the files stored on a computer and transfer them to the robot with a Bluetooth speaker receiver onboard.

If you mean the sound files; they are all over the internet. Simple searches will find many MP3 files.
hi is there a download somewhere for the wall e sounds.thanks
@dschulpius The V4 board has a built in speaker I believe...
yes it has a sbuild in speaker
when you use the wall-e example the soundboard is preloaded with wall-e sounds.
the soundboard is in ARC?
United Kingdom
Open the Wall-E example in ARC. It's under examples, legacy robots. In there is a sound board populated with the Wall-E sounds. Or use the links provided previously by others, wall-e sound bytes are all over the internet.
WOW thats great thank you
found it.this is awesome.
how do i delete some off mine programs i made?
@dschulpius - The EZ-B v4 has a built in speaker. It sounds really nice:)

@MrGibbage - You will need the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit to build a Wall-e. There are lots of tutorials onlineon how to build one from scratch; plus, there is also a ton of support on this forum.
On ebay there are several Wall-E robots, some are several hundred dollars, and some are like $50. What do we need to make the robot? Do we need a working remote control? What about certain functions not currently working? In other words, are any of the existing Wall-E electronics re-used in the project?
United Kingdom
Photos, videos and description of how DJ made his Wall-E are all on this page.

The U-Command Wall-E is the best one to use since it has the most space to play with. None of the original electronics are reused and you don't need the remote. This version of the Wall-E does cost a fair bit on ebay though.
i saw it.lots off video .
I got an $80 deal... last year?... I don't know. Came from a nice seller in England via royal air mail. If you need help finding one feel free to ask.