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What Is The Fastest Baud Rate For The Ezb 3. I Am Only Getting 9600 Baud

What is the FASTEST Baud rate for the EZB 3. I am only getting 9600 baud. Is that the MAX?

I know it is at the end of it's rope. But, it is all I have right now. It seems so slow.




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I think from what I remember reading is that the max baud rate for the v3 was 57.600 but port D0 could get up to 115.200, where as the v4 can deliver 115.200 on all 24 digital ports.

I believe that's correct and hope it helps. I'll try and find the thread where I saw it and post a link.:)


Well it does 115200 on D0 because that is the Roomba control port. The rest are a lower rate something like 57600... Either way it can do way faster than 9600 that's for sure... What are you trying to connect it to any way?


Thank You ALL. You ALL deserve the credit.

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No problem. I just added another link to the post above that mentions about what baud rates the v3 can use.:)