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What Is The C# Code To Make The Roli Move Forward,Reverse,Left &Amp; Right?

I have gone through the tutorials in the EZ-Robot C# SDK file. I am unable to find the coding to move the wheels. Can you please help me by giving me the codes?


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Hi DJ Sures. I have tried the file you provided. When I debugged it, only one wheel was working and it was going in one direction. I have changed the digital ports in the C# file and tried. Still the same. But in ARC, both wheels are working & moving in different directions. I have provided the ARC file. Can you please help me rectify my problem?

Thanks in advancce.FYPRevolutionRoli.EZB


I am sure that DJ sent you a chunk of code to show you how to make it move. It is up to you if you are using the SDK to write the code to make it work like you want it to.


DJ Sures, sorry I forgot to upload the file. I ve updated my 2nd last comment. Can u pls check. I have uploaded the file there.


Check to ensure the PWM is set on both pins

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It may pay to become familiar with the L298n H-Bridge too, how it works, what each of the ports does etc.

I wrote a pretty detailed explanation and tutorial on the L298n H-Bridge a while back. It's simple to follow and should explain everything clearly, it also includes the truth tables to help you understand what causes each motor to move in certain ways.

Have a read of this topic


DJ Sures, Rich & cochran. I have tried many ways. I still get the same result. Only right wheel is working. But in ARC, both wheels move. Pls help?



I am having a similar problem with the Windows SDK, but I in my case none of the wheels are moving. The Roli robot is correctly assembled according to the tutorials and the ARC controls work. The robot can rotate left/right and move forwards/backwards. The servos work and also camera.

I have seen Rich very detailed thread about the workings of the H-Bridge but consider this problem to be software only. There must be some essential difference between the tutorial code and the ARC application.

I would be very interested in the source code behind the ARC application. Is it possible for us users to get our hands on it ?

It would be a great supplement/replacement for the tutorials so that developers have a stable starting point that they know work.

By Open Sourcing ARC you will also allow thirs party developers to enter the picture.



I just tested your great application on my Rovi, everything works except the movement of the robot. The other actuators respond perfectly.

I am still puzzled that the forward/backward/left/right move commands on the robot do not work in your app and the other tutorials I have seen but they do work in ARC. This solidifies my belief that the sources from ARC would be of great value to the community.

But I can live with an updated tutorial and some updated DLL files.


Hi NYP, I have the same behavior that job. I tested your application and the roly works fine. Sometime the speed assigned to the left wheels or the right wheels is not take into account.

ucezB_Connect1.EZB.PWM.SetPWM(EZ_B.Digital.DigitalPortEnum.D0, EZ_B.PWM.PWM_MAX);

so i return on the ARC and i move the track bar of the speed movement and i start again the application c# and the commands forward/backward/left/right works fine.

If the roly works fine with ARC try my method and you will see.



I can confirm what Christophe writes. By first connecting with the ARC and then afterwards with one of the tutorials that should make Rovi move, he will move. There must be some configuration done by ARC which is not done by the Windows API.

This solution fits my needs, so I can continue with the programming