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What Is The Best Way To Get Sounds From Your Robot

Mp3 triggers, wireless speakers , walkie Talkies - I'm looking for the best way to get Bob to speak, play music , make noises etc. The more threads I read on this subject the more I start scratching my head as to which way to go.


Has anyone out there had real success in a system that works, is economical and a little bit innovative. Presently we have been looking at Mp3 trigger alternatives but there must be some really cool ways to get a robot speaking, playing music, spouting information from the Internet. I am very interested to hear from anyone out there that has had real success. Much appreciate any help on this


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Upgrade to ARC Pro

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I have brought up the emic2 text to speech module under my Robie Junior project showcase it also has a small sound bit for listening to the output of one of it's speech implementations. I created a windows form project for using it with the ez-b and multiple paths for implementing different script. I have yet to implement the ability to read off internet sources but this doesn't seem to hard to work in. The module has multiple voice choices and the voices are very understandable, its not limited to a direct mp3 file to play from you input what you want it to say and it does it.


There is no "best" way - as you pointed out, there are multiple solutions. Each solution has its own good and bad.

I used to like the MP3 Trigger, but it is limited to the sounds you provide.

I prefer a walkie talkie connected to the computer's soundcard with a headphone jack. That is the cheapest and most versatile solution.


Thanks, We'll try that - very inovational:D

I'm still open to any other suggestions based on sucess of anyone out there.

Cheers everyone :)


Dj, with the Walkie talkie set up, can you get the Robot to respond to voice commands like you can with an MP3 Trigger ?


I think the control that you are refering to for "respond to voice commands" is "Speech Recognition"?

If so, never place the microphone for your speech recognition into the robot. There are dozens of posts in the forum explaining why - too much noise in the robot and it can't detect your voice. Always use the microphone on your computer/laptop or headset.

The walkie talkie or MP3 trigger have nothing to do with Speech Recognition. Have you followed the tutorial steps on using the Speech Recognition Control yet?


Yep, we've had great success with the speech recognition from the PC by following the tutorial. That currently works fine. Can you have it so the Robot follows a series of commands from the ARC moving it from A to B and then speaking an assigned mp3 from the computer out to the Walkie Talkie ?


Yes, you can find examples in ARC under File->Examples


I think that the RECORD function would maybe do that.


Thats awesome that you can do that. I saw this video of an incredible DIY robot that roams around the house from voice commands to it in the room (or so it appears). It doesn't speak back - which is what this thread was asking about - but there is a PC mobile robot called Sparky that speaks and can be spoken to for contact with family when your away (a bit like skype) on wheels. I'm thinking a low cost pc 7 inch tablet on the chest of Bob could act as both a listening device and a speaker (earphone jack to small amplifier). My wife said she would get me one for my birthday but it's android based. I was wondering if the EZ-B be run from an android tablet yet ? If not should I just get a small windows laptop (around the same price $200) or forget the whole idea and stick with the walkie talkie.

In the mean time, check this out - you may have seen it but its amazing

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Heres where I got the idea for a small PC being valcroed to Bob - from a great web site called Indestructables


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The speech robots with built in microphones that are larger can afford to put the microphone far enough away from noise. That's due to size.

You can do that also. If you have the room to avoid noise

Mostly these robots don't listen when moving. You'll see vids like that with robots not moving


Thanks - I'll take the plunge, I think I can overcome the feedback DJ as Bobs a larger class robot , it will be great experimentation - so should I go for a 7 inch MS windows laptop or could an Android Touch pad do the trick ?

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Update: Unless I'm missing something, MS windows is currently the best environment to run the ARC. I'm starting the hunt for a light, small inexpensive netbook with camera, earphone and microphone jacks, blutooth and wifi running windows. Provided it is not too wide I can accommodate Bobs torso to fit the netbook to angle out from his chest (sloping forward) with a portable cover.

If anyone knows of any bargain on such with wifi and bluetooth - please let me know. I will also post my findings.:P :D


I'd keep an eye on eBay - Although my solution has been Acer netbooks. They run great and are very affordable.

The biggest thing with robotics is people looking for the "cheapest solution"... That usually results in low computing horsepower, and that means poor performance. Quite honestly, if you're devoting a great deal of time to build the robot of your dreams, purchase a nice laptop. Not an expensive laptop - just a nice laptop.

For example, I purchased an Acer Netbook that has an AMD-C50 processor. I upgraded the RAM manually. And I exchanged the Hard Drive to a Solid State. I don't know the exact price of how much it costed in total, but it wasn't much. It's not an amazing machine, but it does a good job.:)

Another solution is to look at Mini-ITX motherboards on eBay. Sometimes you can get more horsepower out of them for the same cost, but you lack a screen.... Life is a compromise when making purchases:D


My wife is an amazing bargain hunter on E-bay, no doubt she will find something with good specs and grunt by mid next week. Today we went down to two major electrical appliance outlets Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. The quality Windows netbooks were around $400 and we know we can do better than that. There were plenty of Tablets around $300 but all had android OS. My brother Dean (tech head) says it's better to stay with a Windows OS if you can - regardless of compatibility with other systems. I'm out to find the perfect match for the EZ-B :

This is fun !:) :) :)


Learning curve continues...

Seems most 7 inch netbooks run on windows CE which is apparently not anywhere as good as windows 7.

Most netbooks like Acers that run windows 7 are 10 inch. Hmm..Bob is going to have to get bigger..