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What Is The Best Way To Connect A Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery To Ezb V3

What is the best way to connect a Lithium-ion polymer battery to ezb v3?



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Like any other battery... get yourself a bare wire barrel connector plug... + battery wire to "+" ezb centre pin and "-" battery wire to the ezb outer barrel connector of the ezb plug


First question would be what voltage is the battery? Next since there is voltage regulation on the V3 most power packs that are rated at 18vdc down to 6vdc could be used to connect to the V3. You might want to obtain a 2.5mm power plug and connect your battery ( + ) lead to the center conductor of the power plug and connect the ( - ) side of your battery to the outer barrel connection, then plug it into the jack already on the V3.

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It depends on the voltage too, I believe 18v is the max voltage for the V3 although the datasheet has been taken down so I can't check to be 100% sure of myself.

A LiPo battery is 4.2v per cell when fully charged, so anything up to a 4S LiPo should be OK (4s = 4x4.2 = 16.8v, 5s = 5x4.2 = 21.0v).

As for connecting it up, I made myself a deans connector (which was that was on my LiPo) to Barrel cable. This way I didn't need to modify the battery at all. My replacement batteries have had bullet type connections so I needed to change the deans connector to bullet type, but left the barrel jack as it was originally.

As Richard has said, it's positive to the centre and negative to the outside... this is generally standard (however Omnibots are the other way around! so be warned!..)


Always check the connections with a meter , reverse polarity breaks things faster than a bull in a China shop.


A big thanks to all that answered. If I purchase battery with LiPo Battery 7.4VDC 1300mAh like in store with small and regular deans connectors.

Is there a adapter from deans to barrel adapter? Or just make my own?

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I made my own. You can get pre-made form ebay (you can get any cable pre-made on ebay!) and you may find them in some hobby stores.