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South Africa
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What Is The Best Base To Start From.

I started my project a weeks ago and first played with all the bits. I started building my actual robot on a RC car of mine and came to the conclusion that the speed seem to be a bit high. :D
Seeing that there aren't many Wall-E`s available in SA I need to make another plan. I tend to think tracks are best but which ones can you guys August? There are many models ans types out there and the prices vary as well. I do not want to break the bank but do not want to waste money on something useless. No shop in SA have tracks that I can look at. I have seen some on the net from tamiya etc but it is only photos and they can be deceiving in size and ease of use.
If anyone can give advise i will appreciate it.


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Are you using an electronic speed controller? If so, you'd be using a modified servo Movement Panel - and you can adjust the speed in the Config option.

Otherwise, if you're using an L298 - then check the tutorial video on how to connect the PWM to control the speed...

Otherwise, have you seen that dude who made the cardboard wall-e? He has some wicked tracks for it! Robot is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=1271