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valid EZ-Script?

Shouldn't there be some more code in front of that? Doesn't the Script window tell you invalid syntax when you test it?

It would be easier if you could copy and paste the script in to the code tags rather than post an image that's difficult to see on a mobile device and cuts off the right hand side of the lines where it scrolls...

To have JD wave back you need to set the camera detection to motion and on motion being detected run the script to wave. However what's wrong with just using the Auto Position action in the script for motion detection in the camera control?


for the moment it does only the wave with hand.if i uncheck box camera, it starts the motion dj made earlier.track red ball. am not a script writer so i dont understand. what am trying to do is to wave my hand in front his cam and jd wave back.

United Kingdom

Without knowing what else is running in the project it's difficult to diagnose what problem(s) you are having. Bearing in mind I don't have time to check over every post in every topic any more so assume I know nothing outside of this topic. If it's related to another project which is discussed elsewhere either link to the topic or ask in that topic.

As my previous response, to have JD wave when you wave you will require Motion tracking to be on. On detection of motion trigger the wave Auto Position action. This can be done via scripting however it's likely easier to be done in the camera control settings, especially if you are not a script writer or do not understand EZ-Script enough to create a script which will monitor for motion.

Your current script (syntax errors aside) does not do that. Rather it will wave, turn on motion tracking then wave again. Unless there is something in the camera control for motion tracking, this will not achieve what you are aiming for.


okay i have a go with that.

thank you