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What I Would Like To See

Here is What I would like to see.

A Radar for the Video Camera like we have for Sonar and IR. Would that be too hard to do? Let us know. That way, the Robot could be Autonymous using the Video Camera instead of IR and Sonar.




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How would the camera determine depth and object avoidance?


The camera would scan and know where the objects were. Then it would look for a clear path in front or to the right or to the left, etc. With the Kinect it would be much easier, but with a regular webcam people are doing it in Roborealm and other programs.


With motion you can determine some distances I guess. But it's not very environmental friendly. For a vision processing only robot, roborealm is great. It might be a method I can adopt, but not right away. Combining a distance sensor with the camera is my personal preferred method. But who know, I might wake up tomorrow with a brilliant idea:) or not!


You have been known to do that. If I put sonars, I will have to have quite a few. Because the robot will run into a table that has an empty space below. Or a shelve above. so, I have to cover top and bottom and left and right. Of course a servo will cut down the number of sonars. But, sonars are blind to some things, so I will also have to have IRs. I have plenty of IRS now. But, they don't see black things. It would be so simple if we could just use the picture from a camera. One person did this. He put TWO cameras with automatic focus. If camera A was in focus, then the item was at a distance. But, if camera B was in focus, it was right close by. I don't know how he programmed it. But, that is some food for thought.

I am not a very good programmer, so I will rely on help from others. I am very proud of your progress with the EZ-Board and software. I look forward to the April Upgrade.




DJ Quote "I might wake up tomorrow with a brilliant idea:) or not!" LOL! JW :)


@moviemaker in the meantime you can use two hc-sr04 distance sensors. one horizontal, and one vertical. That's how my K-9 works.


My robot is about 4.5-5' tall. do you think that Only two scanning sonars will do the trick? I don't have to Really know the EXACT distance, only that SOMEthing is in the way, DON'T Roll over it. Just to stop and avoid Obsticals.