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What I Call A Good Day

I won my first OMNIBOT 2000 off of Ebay yesterday. $105.00 And then when I got home my EZ Robot package had arrived with Questor's second arm and the seven Pings I ordered.



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Sweet, Let the robot building begin! Speaking of which I really need to finish off some of my robots, and get a start on some new ideas as well. Thanks for the small kick of inspiration.


That is a good day! I am happy for you. This is the nicest little bot in my opinion. I saw that and thought surely at the last minute they are going to rocket up.


Now we have another thread we can follow that has the little bot! Yeah! What are you going to do with yours?



I will also want to create a personal assistant bot using ideas from Josh's and aameralis's threads. This robot chassis has the best "look" of any I have seen. I just hope it is fairly decent shape when it arrives. Hopefully it will be here by this Saturday. I wish I could afford the other OMNIBOT 2000 that is on Ebay right now just to have extra parts. But maybe another time.

Meanwhile I must endeavor to finish Questor. Or at least get to a comfortable stopping point. So it may be a while before I jump into this new project. Like I said never really finish a bot. You kinda just move on. :D

Edit: I just found out the other Omni went for $440.00!


@RGordon , congrats on your Omnibot buy. Any idea what the condition of the wheels are? Nice to hear your Ezrobot package arrived too , that's awesome :)


Not sure till I get. I hope it will be OK. The only thing that was mentioned on Ebay was that one arm is broken.

Here is the comment and pictures:

"This rare piece of robot history was recently rescued from a storage unit where he had been apparently collecting dust for years in. I have done my best to unobtrusively clean him up. Cosmetically, it is in good condition with exception of his right arm which is broken (see pictures) but can easily be set into place.
The right shoulder, and his breast plate above the tape deck are both missing their stickers as well."

What I want to know is...What is the black looking pointy thingy in the picture that shows the Omni's back?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Congrats on the Omnibot Rex. BTW Did you ever get the email I sent you?


Looks like a 8 out of 10 condition. Ofcourse I'm sure you will paint and everyone ditches the original Grey accordion shoulder covers because they are too small to fit a standard servo bracket. Looks like you have a great project coming.


Wow! Great price on the Omni2000. Congratz!



Try emailing me again: rex.j.gordon(at)dom(dot)com



Did you ever get the thumb drive I sent you? Was it helpful to you?

Also, Josh, in the picture of the OMNIBOT's back, what is the black looking pointy thingy in the picture that is pointing downward from the left side of the neck area? Is that an antenna?


@rgordon nope sure don't have it. That's the wire antenna coming out of the omnibots back. Its this wire so it wiggles constantly.


Dang it...I sent it shortly after the Maker Fair. It was a 4 GB thumb drive shaped like a silver key. I had a bunch of stuff on there for you, including the Forrest Mims Engineers Notebook that has all kinds of useful circuits and interface circuits, etc.

Oh well, I guess someone is enjoying it. mad

Email me your address again and I will send another one when I get time. Sorry 'bout that.


Congrats on winning the Omnibot! Great work:) Those things are getting harder and harder to get your hands on!


Thanks...yeah, I kept expecting the bids to start pouring in at the last minute and skyrocket in price. But it seems there was only one other bidder. I placed my last bid 15 seconds before the bidding ended.


@rgordon. I tried sending another email with the subject Hi Rex It's Antron007 from the EZB forums. I hope you get it. Congrats again on the Omnibot score.


Got my OMNIBOT 2000 today....YAY! It is definitely going to be a fixer upper....will probably have to use paint to cover up the yellowing, it is pretty bad. The right arm is broken at the shoulder joint but, I will be modifying them using servos anyway. Don't have enough time to take it apart yet. Soon I hope....


Just scored my second Omnibot for $125 off of Craigslist. This one is in way better shape. Just hope it survives the shipping.

There is another Omnibot 2000 on Ebay up for bids for anyone who is looking.

Omnibot 2000 on Ebay

Time left: 1 day 22 hours (Aug 07, 2013 18:31:52 PDT)