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What Do You Want Your Robot To Do? Let'S Start A Thread!

What do you want YOUR robot to do? Let's start a Thread!

here is what I want my robot to do and notice many are already achieved:

  •       Navigate Autonymously *  
  • Follow Colors*
  • Follow Movement*
  • Follow Face
  • Sonar Radars Horizontal*
  • Sonar Radars Vertical*
  • Ir Radars*
  • Voice Rec*
  • Voice Synthesis*
  • Roomba Movments
  • Say Name*
  • Avoid Objects*
  • News/Weather/Crime report*
  • Time/date/DayofWeek*
  •       Today in History
  •       Thought for Today
  • Move Head*
  • Dance
  • Know North/South/East/West*
  • Take Snapshots*
  • Get Excited with Beating heart*
  • Turn around 360 degrees
  • Check Sensors
  • Have Control Mode
  • Have Security Mode
  • Have Autonymous Mode
  • Tell Jokes*
  • Have a Chat Mode (in Future)
  • Be able to recognize pictures
  • Search and Find Mission
  • Add a functional Arm
  • Talk about ones self
  •       Check Status volts,etc.
  • Check Temperature*
  • Voice commands in Control Mode
  • Know who a person is
  • Do Math
  • Answer Questions from WikiPedia
  • Be a One minute Timer
  • Learn from OCR and Net
  • Remember things for me (DataBase)
  • Project Movies on the Wall
  • Telepresence Robot
  • Thought for Today
  •       Can be trained to know Objects
  • Know a Human is present by Fleshtones
  • Reinforced Learning by being told "no"
  • Be Curious, ask Why,Who,When,What,where
  • Know when to Laugh at a situation

Notice: Units with Astrick(*) have already been done.



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*Go pick up something and return the same path *Face recognition with picture or name association *Copy cat, you do something, robot do the same (Kinect?) *Sound detection follow by action where the sound is coming from *Audio/Video recording and playback, manual or autonomous *Speech recognition/synthesis in different language


Thanks for making this thread...this is where i write my dream features down and hoping one day they will happen:)


You are welcome. This is called Management by Objectives.


I'd like to add this:

*Script command response if a speech command is unrecognized/not exist.

United Kingdom

Hi MovieMaker

I'd like Aegis to.

Patrol the ground floor of my house using waypoints and beacons .

security mode (at waypoints robot switchs off drive motors and deploys sensors).

Phone me if intruder detected .

(EDIT) sorry had to go to work.

Sound the alarm (VERY LOUD) Flash a light (VERY VERY BRIGHT).

Home to charger for a topup.

Interactive mode . the friendly side of AEGIS . (drive motors off . talking and responding to all people detected).

EG tell the time , date , joke . weather , latest headlines .

Mapping mode. (map and store layout of bots location , Use glyphs as waypoint markers).

Slave paintball marker to cam (for when alarms and lights are just not enough).


Project T.E.C.H. Dream List Features:

  1. dual wheel drive system.
  2. wireless video so it can be steered via R/C even when it is not in my direct line of sight.
  3. sensors that will keep it from bumping into objects or people.
  4. two-way wireless audio communication so that I can carry on a conversation with others "through" the robot.
  5. voice changer circuit or program that allows my voice to sound more "robotic" to make it seem or appear that the robot is operating on its own (with no one controlling it).
  6. After moving the robot's arms to a particular position, have them "return to home" or a neutral position automatically. In some cases you may want one command to move both arms in an identical manner at the same time.
  7. Certain other aspects of the robot's behavior need to respond to sound and motion stimuli in order to make its appearance more authentic.
  8. Autonomous behavior and also able to be controlled with long range R/C.
  9. The robot will have a "drop dead" feature if it gets out of radio control range.

The robot will also have a number of special effects to enhance its presence.

These will include:

  1. Sound effects that give the impression that there are mechanical and electronic processes that are taking place inside the robot, a sort of low-level background noise.
  2. Sound effects that enhance the movements of the robot's body, arms, head, etc. Hopefully these sounds will cover up the cheesey sounds of the actual motors.
  3. Voice lights that modulate or flicker as the robot speaks.
  4. Various flashing lights on different parts of the body.
  5. Other lights that respond to outside stimuli such as sound or motion.
  6. Certain lights on the chest control panel will actually be used to monitor or indicate real robot status items (such as battery charge level, fuse blown indicator, etc.).

These are interesting suggestions. Good work, guys!


All very impressive and interesting. I like to add something like:

  • libraries for autonomous driving around (avoiding obstacles) in a specific area. Something like my back yard and act as a lawn mower.
  • same thing for inside as a vac cleaner
  • AI for communicating with humans
  • AI for cummunication with other robots
  • more sensors IO's
  • cell phone interface for remote operation

I'll even settle for just driving it around and making it go Beep! Beep! LOL :D


I would like it to do all the things listed but most of all be a friend that has more substance than Face Book.


The rest of you, Let's get your creative juices flowing! Don't put ceilings or limits, just say "If I could have my robot do anything, what would it be?" And remember, you are not limited to one answer.

Think . . . . . . . . . .


First I think we need a wiki - where the community can add to it. Would be nice to click on auto nav and there are examples etc of how people/DJ has done it. Links to tutorials there. But DJ has done a good job of organizing the tutorials for EZ-B.

Interesting... I am working on version one of my ultimate goal bot.

MovieMaker very similar.

-Autonomous Nav -Have complete autonomous mode (I don't want to have to have a computer whenever/where ever I take it) Got mini itx for this. -I'd like to be able to auto connect to ez-b when computer turned on. -Head movement (Not exactly sure how I want this) -Functional arm and hand (right now hacking robosapien torso) -Pick up and carry something -Avoid obstacles -Auto recharge -Voice control -Right now it will be wheeled or tracked but eventually I'd like to have a bi-pedal about 4' tall. It would need to be able to walk and get in car -Respond to touch

-Vision with object recognition/face recognition (I think EZ is compatible with OpenCV - not sure how that gets integrated) (Possible future Roborealm integration) -Follow movement and face -I would like it to know me, when it sees me and remember people when I introduce them -Voice recognition

-AI (started using UltraHal) He remembers things. set appointments, reminds you -Self learning (I'd prefer not to have to program everything in) Kind of like the thing. "Let me see" "OK now I can recognize" The UltraHal program, he will say thank you for teaching me that and he will remember. Leaf I am having difficulties getting anywhere. Programming is really not my thing. I am learning but it's so slow. I am impatient. -Assistant - I want to be able to tell it to research things and email me/text message/phone me -Look up wiki items and read it not just open the page - and remember these things (this was new *Learn from OCR and Net Good One) The UltraHal will let you upload brain files and text. (If you check this out there are plugins - I do not advise the UNCENSORED version, it is just all really ADULT nasty so if you have children be warned - I thought oh maybe he'll be a little vulgar - it's just nasty) -Friendly chatting but be able to tell him not right now if I am focused -I'd like to have it be able to keep files on things and easily read them when needed (I am writing a book and I'd like to be like hey tell me about so and so. My main characters I easily remember the details but when a side person comes in...)
-Personality is important, a sense of humor - jokes, sayings.... -Give it's specs and tell someone about it a little

Some of these are already possible. Some are feasible with LOTS of HELP... Some yeah I don't know but I am stubborn and will probably build several before I am even close.

Right now I am gathering parts.....



I think that you are young enough to achieve your goals in this lifetime.

I also think that it is important for the robot to "Make a note" of things. For instance, if you come in the room and you want to know where little Johnny is, as the robot if he has seen little Johnny. He might respond "Last time I saw Johnny it was a 2pm and he was playing with his red ball." Or if you loose something ask the robot where it is. He might say " Last time I saw the red ball was in the Living room at 4pm. It was on the couch." Then you go look , and there it is! So, the robot makes small notes on times and places and remembers facts and puts it all in a standard database. As time passes by, the robot becomes more knowledgeable on many things. After a while he will start to see patterns and then he can make predictions from his patterns that develop. Also, each time the robot learns something he should tell us so we can have a choice to keep the information. He will ask, "Is this correct?" and we will answer "yes" or "no". If we say no, he will erase it forever. If we say yes he will keep it forever. This is called Re-enforced learning. My Leaf robot has that ability which helps him know Right from Wrong.

On another subject, I think robots should have Free-Agency. I don't want MY robots to go around acting like boring . . . pardon the expression . . . Robots. By having a command mode as well as an Anonymous Mode and Security Mode, you give the robot a set of say 36 things he can do. At any given situation, the robot knows that you did not tell him what to do, you simply told him that he MUST do something. HE decides what he will do from his options. As he goes about and make his decisions of what to do, he will undoubtedly make poor judgements as well as good. He has a confidence level. When he makes a good choice, his confidence level goes up. When he makes a bad choice, his confidence level goes down. After a while, he is pretty confident in his environment. The good thing is . . . HE MADE THE CHOICE HIMSELF!!!

By letting the robot do this, we become closer to GOD in the understanding that Everyone needs to be FREE. And we learn how Heavenly Father must've felt when he created man and man was Alive!!! Of course, this is on a small scale. But, we get an appreciation for this.

Well, I will get off of my philosophical soap box now.

To Boil it all down. I Love Robotics. And I Love the EZB!


I wrote software for interfacing the kinnect, but have not been able to get it to work with the ARC. It's rather simple, the data transfer is via text files.


Size counts and you don't see many small MP boards available to hobbyests. I saw this and immediately thought of the EZ-B mini people were talking about. Using sevos and ARC this would be a great little robot to surprise your friends. A standard EZ-B could be used sandwiched in the middle with the standard battery pack in the kit.

This would be the ultimate beer can robot except for one problem (no room for the beer). I discovered it at my new sandpit and hack site ( I thought it was worth sharing to inspire more smaller robot projects - it's not all about big. Enjoy :D