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What Do You Think Of The New Look?

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We've been busy! Now that kits are flying out of our lab, we've had some time to tick off items on the to-do list. I personally like the change to the banner. It was a good idea to free up more real-estate. The white logo is growing on me, slowly:)

I think there are other items like private message ability and a few other goodies on the way too!


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Love the site, has changed a lot since September. PM would be a nice add on and perhaps you could add an ability for others to view projects a user has created using the ez-b, like a link on each users profile to any project showcase post they create.

That's a good idea about the project list. I really like that idea
project lists a great idea , it would be more organized than trying to chase down general discussions
I agree with all above and I also really like the new look. Something else that might be nice would be a parts swap area.
+1 on parts swap, garage sale area. Keep our stuff "in the family" before resorting to Ebay.
swap meet area does sound like a huge plus , yea i have a whole nother omnibot i could be getting people parts from instead of paying high ebay prices some people are asking for. @ bret, i just saw a arm and omnibot dome replacement on ebay fyi
Interesting... Okay that is something to consider for sure. It will require the private messaging ability. It can be done:)
Yeah I saw that dome. Was going to get it until my wife emptied my paypal lol.

If you do the "swap" or "Garage Sale" area, I would post some language about the transactions are between individuals and EZ-Robot does not take any responsibility for satisfaction and will not mediate disagreements. You also may need to provide a little more moderation to that section then the rest of the board.

If you want to assign some members the ability to help moderate discussions as the board grows, I am sure some of us would be happy to volunteer.

so wierd my acer iconia tab w500 w win 8 dev edition , when i go to ezrobot.com horizontal black lines flicker and go away in the web browser. if i close the browser it stops. it only does this on ezrobot