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What Do You Think About This Battery?

hi! I will buy this battery

Does anyone have a battery like this?

I need it to power my ez-b with this parts... 1 wireless camera 2 Hbridge with 4 motors of 12v 8 servomotors (the servomotors that dj sell here) 1 fan (sometimes ezb is too warm) 1 ultrasonic sensor maybe I will add a GPS and Xbee module....

What dou you think???

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The battery is not bad, almost 10 amps of storage, but the charger does not seem appropriate in theory this battery is made up of three elements in series of about 4 volts, the Li-Po batteries are of a similar technology using a charger with balancer elements. Not sure if that includes a balancing internal battery (which I doubt) If you do not mind using a Li-Po battery that is very similar in capacity at a good price

Unfortunately are out of stock now but may get an idea of ??cheap prices, also I have seen on ebay Saludos compaƱero!


I think this is the same set up as I suggested here. There is an internal circuit in these. i believe where the switch is located there is a box shrink wrapped to it that has the leveling circuits. i ordered one and should get it in 7-10 days and will let you know.


I suspect that battery pack has a built-in pcb for charging and overcharge. Most lithium-ion packs have a built-in pcb from my experience. So for charging you just give it power and voila.

That adapter is probably 1 amp 12volts. So 10 hour charge.

I think that battery is an awesome deal!

Just remember now to drain it dead - they dont like that much.

I use sealed lead acid. They are usually cheap and high amperage with deep cycle characteristics. I shy away from lithium and polymer batteries when I use larger robotics. But I do like that battery you posted!


This is what is said in the description i posted: "With its multi-protective device, the inner circuit pervents the box from over-recharging or over-discharging." and yours says: "Over-charge/discharge protection."

These look the same. I paid more for mine because not all sellers will ship to military APO addresses. :/


Oh no! Did we ship to a military address? Hope you're not building a terminator robot! I mean, awesome if you are:) hehe


If it works for glickclick I would buy a couple for my.robo.


ok!!! thanks!!!! everyone is amazing haha!!

I will buy it tomorrow.... I hope the battery arrives in two weeks from now to Ecuador....

!! I will Post in a new post my new version Of Spy robot.... more powerfull! ahaha!!

and i will post my experience with this battery after the battery arrives....:)

(sorry for my english):)


@DJ hehe no thats not my field lol. If it were I wouldnt have so many questions.:) Yeah Qatar has some restrictions on import of wireless devices. I'd post a link about it but thats getting too far from the thread.:)

@jstarnes1 It will definately reduce the weight on your omni.

@edison2 Your english is fine. In fact your english is better than some others! (babel fish not required). Good luck to you. You will always find support from people here.

#9 much does this batt weight? wondering if Lipo is any lighter, im used to using high discharge Lipo been in R/C hobby for over 5 years, price isn't bad now a day, and i have all the chargers i need, but i might go with this for larger robot and easier to charge inside the robot. Also does it self-drain fast if you left it unused for a long time? I know Lipos don't drain on the shelve when properly discharged for storage.


Lipo batteries keep their charge as long as they were charged before storing , I've seen them still at near full capacity 6 months later. Lipo are about 1/3 the weight of the lead acid counterparts. They should outperform a lead acid by leaps and bounds. I have two lead acid batts for 15 ah capacity but with these Lipo packs I could have 38 AH for the same space , or 18 ah and half the weight of the lead acid batteries. Either way they are better batteries , its the cost like 4 times more than lead acids though.


I know how lipos works, i like them for the performance to weight ratio, price is debatable where you get it from. But the battery in question is a Li-ion though, not lead acid. $40 for 9800mAh is nice with built-in charger, but what about discharge rating? if you run a lot of servo and motors in your robot, can it handle it? I know people runs high discharge 35c lipo in their R/C trucks and helis but now a day they even have 65-85C lipos, unbelievable!