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What Do I Need

I have an idea that I need help with.

What I want to do: I want to use a motor I already have and create a remote control car, using a bicycle wheel, and wii remote as a controller.

Will the Easy-B fulfill my needs? Is there anything else I need, beside the software I downloaded from the site?


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You will need some sort of motor speed controller.

What type depends on your motor size, battery size, etc.
Ok, I can handle that.
What about the easy-b, it will program and control my robot, that's what its designed for right?
You bet:)

It'll do anything you can dream up:D
Awesome, any chance on a discount if I order the complete kit, instead of the board and a few servos?
When you add the prices of the servos, camera, sensor, box, circuit board, software development, and assembly... there is practically no margin of profit. We keep that price as low as possible:) Our goal isn't to drive porsches - we're simply trying to change the world:D
Just to make sure you are clear (With all of the documentation and videos DJ does, I don't know why this is sometimes a question, but it seems to come up regularly). The EZ-B communicates commands and sensor information between your "bot" and your computer over Bluetooth. Without a computer running the ARC software, it doesn't run on its own, so to add to your list of what you need is a computer within Bluetooth range of (or riding on/in) your robot.