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2 H-Bridges?

2 H-Bridges?

Hello all, I am trying to connect 2 H-bridges to my EZ-B. I followed the online tutorial and successfully connected 1. However, when attempting to connect the 2nd one I ran into some trouble. The...

Gyro Sensor

Has anyone used a gyro with the EZ-B? If so, does one work better than the other? I'm looking at either, the NXT gyro sensor from or the triple axis from Any ideas are appreciated


Ok guys, any help would be great ... I'm about to rip my hair out ... How do I control the servos with a wii-mote, not just uding the D-pad, but by tiliting the remote; ya know like you control Mario-kart on the Wii? I have tried and tried and failed, everytime. Is there a turorial? Did I miss it? Either way, this is my next hurdle to comple the...
Wobble Bot

Wobble Bot

I have decided to build a single wheeled bot and im keeping it simple, since this is my 1st build. No arms, no servos(other than for the wheel), and no body covers. So, it will be no wider than the...

What Do I Need

I have an idea that I need help with. What I want to do: I want to use a motor I already have and create a remote control car, using a bicycle wheel, and wii remote as a controller. Will the Easy-B fulfill my needs? Is there anything else I need, beside the software I downloaded from the site? Thnaks
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