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Picked up a Whitebox 914 Robot. It is a heavy guy, about 55 pounds, but it has potential!. Still trying to figure out what route to go on this. It will have to be run on a DEBIAN O/S, so I am hoping EZ robot will come out with a Unix or Linux solution to the EZ robot board.

The other robot is about finished just need to attach his arm, and install the EZ robot board and tie it into the onboard EEEPC mother board.

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Hi great robot! Why don't you put in a mini itx pc and pico 12v power supply? You appear to have oodles of room. Then just interface your existing sensors and you have a powerful platform to build on. Win 7 would work great.
if you are running debian Linux, It will and should run ROS just fine. But, it is not as EZ as the EZB. But, you could strip it all down or just leave the board in there for looks and put an EZB inside controlling it if you installed Windows7.
what i would do is remove the DEBIAN software and replace with WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS 7 and use the EZB TO control it
THE 914 models does have WINDOWS XP besides LINUX (DEBIAN) software
one i have is a windows xp version ,just not going to use the EZB on it

my HERO robot like your will have onboard computer like mostly all my robot designs do and using EZB,rest of the HERO parts i am selling
I would love to have ROS. however it is no longer available and the guy who wrote most of it will no longer give it out or even sell it. Believe me, I tried :0

The Software I have is Player 3.0.2 which supposedly pretty decent. There is one bug that has to do with the edge sensors on the beak, I do not know if it has been fixed, but I got it from Source Forge.

Do you have any Hero 1 or Hero Jr parts like a head plastic or assembly you might want to part with? I am going to make this one about 12" taller that my other Hero.

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EZB would be an option If I can run it with an onboard PC that will run real time scripts and subroutines through the EZB. Can I run it in real time in a Serial scenario like a Rabbit 3000?
ROS software is fairly new i think only 2 years,maybe you are thinking about another ros software
ROS (Robot Operating System) made to work with linux ,it has so many many modules and the list keeps getting bigger by the day,its open source software

ros software

On THE plastic parts or metal parts all of them i need for my design,only parts i am using ,plus drive motors
only selling the electronics
ROS software, Fred, believe it or not is 5 years old. It is SO much harder to program than the EZB. The EZB was made for guys like me. Although, I am trying to learn ROS. It is an Uphill battle.
YES thats why i said mqabe 2 years i knew it was much longer ,but at the time very few like you self even knew about it
AND i not great at programmming but ROS IS FAIRLY EASY
Very simple to install and use,just need to follow directions on the site
Oh Wow, thanks for that link...that is great you found that!
I don't see windows up anymore, but there are a lot of other platforms available. Looks like there was a disclaimer "To be practical, we are not targeting the windows environment as a full blown replacement for linux-ros as windows doesn't have the mechanisms to handle the scaling of complexity (e.g. rosdeps)"

But they do have the full blown DEBIAN Squeeze version, which is what is on my Hero. And the full blown version! I am downloading it now!
Reason no windows is because a LINUX operating software
Same for windows software only made for windows
Unfortunately I do not know windows that well :(. I am competent with NET- BSD, Solaris and Linux though.
I would love to try the windows ROS though. I did download the DOT. Net stuff for it, but for some reason ROS for windows is some kind of big secret or something *confused*
I never heard of windows ROS,dont think they made one yet
I know that microsoft made something close to it,called MRDS

Im sorry..My Bad I thought you meant BRAIN system... that is the one I cannot get hold of. :-(
Yes ROS I believe is only NIX type Operating systems.
Hi Heathkit

Could you send me any notes and stuff you may have on hooking the EZ-B to the Hero? My email addy is mikeDOThickman1967ATgmailDOTcom

I've got a Hero 1 I'm wanting to do a little tinkering with it.
I can't wait to see EZb getting installed in this little guy. By any chance have you written down all the sensors and their types. That way you know how many ports your going to use for EZ- HERO?