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it chould been seen whithout ez-b4 to. i cant see it.


I probably shouldn't post on this... but.... Nomad you already know the answer to your question. You have already connected to the EZB4 webserver via your Android device remember? You can do this on pretty much any device including a PC, Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone etc....All you need is a web browser and wifi....


Nomad the webserver resides on the EZB4... Once you connect to the EZB4 with a wifi device (with a web browser) you can access the webserver....


hi rr

am try ing to see it on pc.i type in nothing cant find page.

your answer was before mine.that was my question but dj said no. thats why i got confused.

thank you richard r


Turn on your EZB4... then connect to it via wifi to your android (remember your old PC can't do this)... Once you are connected to your EZB4 open the Android's web browser and type it in ( )... You have already done this step with d.cochran....


yes i know that.btw next week i have win8 and new screen and accses point.. the power socket in the monitor is bad. my question is anwered.i need to connect the ez-b4 whit wifi , to able getting connected in the webbrowser

thank you rr


Good idea... wait for your new PC and try again..... just be patient a little longer....


Nomad... do you speak French? I am asking because my girlfriend is fluent in French (Canadian)... It might help sometimes if you ask in French and I can respond to you in French as well....


no sorry i dont speak french.


So Dutch or German? Sorry dude.... English or French is all I got...


dutch is my language ,german very little (jahwohl). nao connects just desame as jd's webserver.


You'll just have to hang in there until your new PC comes....


I have forgotten his name, but we got a new Belgian member this week who seemed fluent in English. Perhaps we could ask his assistance in occasionally translating for Nomad when we can't parse his English.



yes the new member whit question for 3d printing.


@Alan... problem is the new guy may be French or German... Belgium has apparently 3 official languages... French, Dutch and German... 59% of Belgium's speak Dutch... It would be great if he was Dutch....


his name is nikolas.i just asked what his main language is.


@Richard, lucky guy to have a girlfriend who speaks fluent French. Such a sexy language to have whispered in your ear. It even sounds nice when they are mad and yells and swears. :P


dave you mean like this

Removed video


Ya, exactly. Very very nice but maybe a bit inappropriate for those of us here in the Americas on a family friendly robot forum. eek

Now I need to go take a cold shower. blush


sorry for those friendly robot famely's for others there's plenty off cold water ,hehe:D