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Asked — Edited

Warning Skype

there is a person spreading message to you and he uses other people name.
i got one today in the name off niek and he chow me a site i was wathing,
an hour ago.


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I need to be a code breaker to understand what you say sometimes... *confused*
i try to say it diff.
somebody is placing message in other peopole name ,so you think its from excample i got from niek,but niek is not added to my skype.so it must be another person doing that.he new what site i was visiting.
@nomad... people have been doing that since the internet was invented....
he new withs site i was seeing.that my concern.and he used nieks name.
it was gone in a few sec.
Nah, Niek had his account compromised. Everyone on his list was sent spam. He sent everyone a message after the spam saying ignore the previous spam message.